who are you

so i would like to know your introduction kindly mail your introduction thank you. after your introduction a would like to ask the question

yours faithfully

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im reading a book called if i should die before i wake and i wanna know the conflict, theme,point of view,irony,and symbolism in the book.

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I’m getting married for the 3rd time. I’m 41 years old. I was married for a couple of years when I was very young and then married for 12 years. I have been single now for 4 years and am engaged. How approprate is it to have a wedding shower. We plan to get married in Jamaica on the beach, so we will not have a wedding ,but I want to share my joy with my friends and family. I’m just afraid that they will think that we are doing this just to receive presents. Would it be in bad taste to have a coed shower?

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Who Asks Who?

I’m not an old fashioned girl really; but my boyfriend is. I am thinking of asking him to marry me. I think he’ll love the twist since he knows how unconventional I can be; but there must be some sort of rule even for this. How do I ask? Do I get down on one knee? Do I buy him a ring? Times have changed so there must be new rules of etiquette. Help!

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Mother’s Day

It was so good to see you at Anthony’s Memorial. I am interested in making a purchase for my Mother ans possibly some Union Rings for myself and my significant other. Let me know my first step! Peacefully, Timothy

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Stealing My Thunder

First let me start by saying how beautiful you are!! I’ll get right to it! I showed a picture of a ring that I wanted to my sister in law and I was very excited because it was finally the time to get a diamond. My husband and I only had gold bands when we married. A few months later she was engaged and guess what? she had the exact ring I had shown her! I know it seems like something so silly and I don’t really want to make a big deal out of it, but my feelings are alittle hurt, and she doesn’t seem to remember thats the ring I showed her. I would understand if the Fiance picked it out and he would have never known, but it so happens that thry went together and she even modified the design (of course to look just like the picture I had.) I wouldn’t be so upset if she had just said she liked the ring I had chosen and maybe even ask if I cared that we would have the same ring (of course I’d probably chose something else), but to play dumb, is almost another slap! It’s hard for me to even be happy for her and the engagment, because what I see is my ring on her finger. Of course I have already decided on something else, I’m actually really glad to have the chance to pick my own diamond,I feel it’ll be a chance to show my style and it’ll reflect my on personality. How do I get over this and not hold on to what she’s done? I want to truly be happy for her, but a piece of me just can’t let go! I have learned to just show the ring not a picture of one!



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life and future

i was looking for a well dress mexican and i ve been looking for someone serious iam 26 and i want the life like my cousin she has a good man how do i do that should i dress up more or should i just conatrate in investing all my enery in making money in stocks etc but i want to cont taki8ng care of my brother who is 18 and i want someone he should go out with so she can watch over him? and my family is over protected and how di i go around that? my dad saw me talking to a guy at my cousins wedding he embarrases me or annoys me? help there more ask you it nexttime?

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Getting to Little for Large Breast

Dear Lateace,

I have lost 22 lbs and my plan is to lose 25 more. With that information I am wondering if I should consider a breast reduction. My breast were a B cup until my two children, now I stand at a DD cup. I know that large breast run in the family, but I don’t know if I am comfortable with losing weight and possibly keeping the large breast. Please tell me what you think I should do.

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Recently, my fiance confessed that he had been masterbating to pictures of women in pornographic magazines. I was outraged because I feel that if he only has eyes for me, then why on earth would he feel the need to achieve arousal with pictures of other women. Why do men do this?

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how to say no and what happens really

I just got out of a long relationship so im not sure about the dating game. Is it true that the longer you wait to put out the more the guy is into you ? and if so what point do you say stop ?

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Just out of curiosity, from a woman’s perspective, I was wondering what size diamond you thought would be too big and gaudy on a size 4 finger. I’m originally from NYC where engagement rings are commonly between 1-2 carats, but that seems on the large side in Columbus, OH. I’ve always wanted a 2 carat, but now that seems almost too big. I feel as though my perception been warped. What in your opinion is TOO big?

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Is this good or bad?

Im looking for a engagement ring for my girlfriend. I was curious if this would be ok or not. A friend of mine is selling a diamond he had in a ring that was worn by him. Would it be wrong to buy that diamond and put it in a platinum engagement setting for my girlfriend?

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Silver Pendant

How many people won your heart? You don’t give your heart away easily do you? Ah well we must settle for the silver one, who are the winners?

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Well, I know alot of guys come on to you. And I know you are giving away your heart pendant. But the one Heart I would like to win is the one beyond the pendant. So tell me how to win that. or what do you like in a man who has requested the grand prize!of your heart….

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Hi LaTeace, I’ve just been wondering, what is your nationality? From your picture you look like a light-skinned black woman.

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question about yourself

I was wondering if you were from New orleans. your a very beautiful woman. and with a name like La’teace. also have anyone asked what do you like?

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Fertility…to stay or not?

I’ve been with a man for close to 4years and married now for just over one month. It took close to 2yrs for me to say yes and marry him (he’s wanted desperately to get married) We’ve both been divorced once before and I was afraid. I did tell him the only reason in getting married is to have children (I would never want to have children out of wedlock). So my want for children overcame the anxiety of my marriage and so we married. Now we just found out he may have fertility problems and it may be difficult to get pregnant. (He is going for another test this week)

So my question is…how wrong or bad is it of me to not want to be married to him if he can’t give me children? Or give me children the old fashion way instead of In Vitro and all that medical technology.

Before we married we both agreed that marriage is (in our eyes) the MAIN reason for a couple to get married (otherwise we were completely happy just living together).

So if I were to leave him does that make me a bad woman?

Thank you.

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