Advice on Acting

Hey LaTeace! It’s me again. lol. I came across your other website and noticed that you’ve done a lot of acting. I am an actress as well. I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I took about a 5 year hiatus due to starting a family. My youngest is 2 now, so I feel it’s time for me to go back to my roots. The only thing is I’ve been out of the loop for so long I feel like I am starting from the beginning. Do you have any advice for starting an acting career? I’ve been acting for half my life but talent, it seems, has little to do with how far you will make it. It’s all about understanding the industry and how it works.

I live in Atlanta, and although I would love to, it would not be feasible for me to move to LA or New York right now. So I have to make do where I am. I’ve done a few things here and there, but I am trying to be a full time working actor. I’ve worked with a few actors who were acting full time, but they are very tight-lipped. They don’t say much about how they are able to obtain so many jobs because they don’t want any competition. I feel that I have a lot of talent to give to the industry. I just need some guidance on how to get there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Thanks for taking time out of your life to help so many people! You are truly special!

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Why do women lead a man on to think he is her soulmate, the best guy she has ever known, etc. and make him believe he is the one and act like she is having the time of her life when she is with him and then all of a sudden tell him she feels overwhelmed, needs to take things slow, and just wants to date when it is convenient for her? When the guy felt totally rejected, foolish, and betrayed by her behavior, he explained that he was angry and felt that she tricked him into thinking they were going to have this great relationship and he did not want to date her at her convenience. He is totally devastated by this and has not even received any response. What kind of a woman is this?

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Who to trust

My sister in law was married to my best friend.
They are divorced now and she is engaged to someone I really can’t trust. This Dog she’s engaged to kind of helped the divorce along. She was unhappy and when the Dog heard it he came right on in. He was taking her to lunch, in her office all the time and at her house when her husband wasn’t there. I had a very strong feeling what was going on but I never told my friend about it. I always thought he’d find out. Knowing what this guy did to my friend I really feel I can’t trust him when he becomes my new brother in law. Her family doesn’t know a whole lot on what happened. I’m not really sure what to do. I can’t trust the guy and he knows why and my sister in law never listens to reason. When I discussed with her about her marriage problems she said the reason she was leaving was because she wasn’t happy and was going to focus on her child, my niece. Well she focused more on the boytoy and less on her child. My niece now acts kind of like she wants attention all the time. I feel bad for her and now she’ll be stuck in this forever. Any advice would help. Do I bite the bullet and try to be friends with the guy or continue to tolerate him and never take the extra step to be his friend. Trust is a big thing with me.

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what do i do?

hi, ive been with my boyfriend for 5yrs.out the five yrs. he has cheated on me with my mother and that happend for a yr. in a half i recently made the biggest mistake in my life in early may i had my first cheat. now i forgave him for what he did to me. and now he wont forgive me. i love him with all my heart i had his baby and now my son has to deal with hearing that we arent happy or seeing that we arent happy. he wont forgive me as many times as ive asked him to. how can i have him see that im sorry more truely then ever and that im the only female thats ever going to love him as much as i do no one els. i need help…..

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how are you doing?

hey LaTeace!
Do you remember me?
My name is Emily Tutter and i used to be a ring design intern at Diamond Cutters. I used to watch the Tyra show on my lunch. lol
I just wanted to see how you were doing, i dont know your email otherwise i would of emailed you.
have a good day!

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Unhappy in current job

I hate my job, every day my first thought is I wish I could do something else. The problem is, I make good money at what I do. I also make more at what I do then police officers, teachers, nurses etc… I just think it would be silly to go back to school, just to graduate and go into a profession where I would make less money than I do now, not to mention the lovely student loan debt I would have as well. I have 2 children that I have to support- if it weren’t for them, I would have already gone back to school and just sucked up the financial loss so I could be happy. It seems like a hopeless situation to me, do you see it that way too?

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preneptual contract

I’m 53 y.o. and plan to work ~7 more years. I have more than $1.5million in retirement svgs which grows $150,000 each year, till retirement. Also I have a 15 y.o. daughter, who I will put through college. Girlfriend has a good job but is a new hire with no svgs yet. She wants to retire with me in 7 years. How do I inform her that a prenep agreement will be required, before I shop for a diamond??

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The Crutch

I have an issue with the denied responsibility that is taught to us permissively through the media in its various forms. Mainly, why is it that we let generalities govern what we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to act in certain situations? Is it that a pschological profile was generated on behalf of the masses and its divisions such as sex, enthnicity and age? I’m really trying to understand why it’s ok to see males as indecisive and drunken ogres with thier hand in thier pants while viewing football and doing nothing with thier lives while women are conveyed as being scheming, over emotional drama queens that have nothing better to do than find out who’s sleeping with who in real life and in soap operas? Where has self accountablity gone in today’s society? When will we remember that we have a choice about what kind of people we are?

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Broken Up

Dear LaTeace,
I have recently broken up with my Dominican boyfriend ( I moved to DR to be with him)of one year and a half. With a somewhat heavy heart ( it was my idea to call it quits) I bought my ticket yesterday to come back to the US. My plans were made to visit with my family and friends and then move back to NYC and continue with my previous job in April. After some suspicion last night I took a preganacy test today and it come out positive. I want to go back to the US as scheduled and am not sure if I should just leave without telling him or not. What do you think? I KNOW I definitely want to have this baby, but he cannot come to the US unless I marry him, which I am not willing to do. Whatever financial support he has to offer this child would not be very signifigant as he is somewhat poor.
ANY ADVICE would be helpful. I am completely broken up about telling him or not, as I DO NOT want to get back together with him. Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.
Broken Up in DR

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Can’t move on

I have a daughter with this man and we are not together. We just don’t get along but every time we are around each other we end up in bed together. What does this mean. I don’t want to be with him and I know he does not want to be with me. Every time we see each other is like a magnet pulling us together. What should I do?

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Wedding Ring – can you just replace

Can you just replace a wedding ring…she still has it, she still wears it… but it is gold and the new style is silver or plat.

Can you just replace it or should I find a way to incorporate the diamonds from the original wedding band?

Is replacing it, because we are in a different place financially OK, or should I just add to it, or leave it alone and buy something else entirely?

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What to do?

Hi I’ve been seeing this girl and we have been on 2 dates and the first was to mini golf then a movie and the second was dinner at my place that she said she like the food. At the end of both dates it’s like she ran off we have never hugged or kissed. We have good conversation and we laugh. Her uncle hooked me up with her and she told his mom that she likes me and would go on a second date and he told me. So my question is what to do I like her? Why would she go without looking at me and acting nervous? I’m thinking about hugging her when we meet the next time but at the begining and then saying well I just wanted to catch you before you ran off HELP what should I do? I understand it’s the 2nd date.

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Your ring

As Freds wife what style of ring do you have as your wedding ring?

Thanks for your time.

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Where is the best place to sell a loose gemstone, how do I know what kind of stone it is?

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My Life….

Is what I want to do in my life right? Or is it worse than I think, like along the lines of me, the anti-christ?

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2nd Wedding, What To Do?

So I just purchased a diamond ring through DCI thanks to your husband and all of his great info in his book. Here is my question. My first marriage all my family showed (I have a small family) but this time around, I don’t think anyone is gonna be able to make it. What should I do if my bride to be gets upset about this? This may or may not hurt or offend her, and I’m not sure how to respond when she asks. My wedding will likely be in Hawaii which is where I live and some of my family will be on vacation or can’t afford to come during the summer which is when the wedding likely will take place. Thank you for your time. Aloha, Jason

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haha again

sorry im going through a bunch of computer problems and lost freds email again do you think you could give it to me?

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Hey Teace

Hey LaTeace! It’s Austin. I havent talked to Fred in a while due to some computer problems I’ve had and i dont have his email address anymore but I’ve heard the bad news about his cancer. I am very sorry and would like to talk to him but I dont have his personal email address anymore. Do you think I could have it? Send him my reagards.

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Finding The Path…

More than a question… I have a request that you give me YOUR
opinions and suggestions on HOW to find the right path for ones’ life? In
my past – at ‘different times’ it was ‘clear’ THEN life changes and
‘direction’ for my life has become much, much MORE of a challenge than
before… I anticipate your advice with baited-breathe my dear friend…and
look forward to hearing from you!

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the fout triads

What about the four triads? How can the four triads affect your love, life, intimacy, and relationships?

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