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I'm in love with a 3 carat pear-shaped diamond ring, but will NEVER be able to afford it. I would like to get one like it from Ziamond — could you give me your thoughts on the company and their quality of jewelry before I decide to order from them? Their jewelry looks very similar online, but is it obvious it's CZ to the naked eye?

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Switching Diamonds

My husband purchased a yellow diamond engagement ring with preset surround diamonds in a cone. He returned the ring to have family diamonds added as additional bands. The ring returned after amendments had a different number of stones and the central diamond was a different shade of yellow. I have a new appraisal confirming the differences. The jeweler claims that he miscounted the stones on the original appraisal as defence.

Relevant laws: Ohio state. What are my remedies please?

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Jewelers in Hong Kong

I live in Taiwan, so I believe the best place for me to purchase a diamond is Hong Kong. Would you agree? Is is reasonable for the jewlers in Hong Kong to have a GIA gemologist on staff?

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Swapping Diamond

I left my ring with my jeweler to get it re-sized. When I got it back it didn't feel any bigger so I had it checked at 2 different stores and the size had not been changed. We are worried that the diamond is swapped. Now he is making all sorts of excuses as to why he cannot get it re-certified and how the colour may be off because of this and blah blah blah. Please let me know what can be done about this!

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CZ ring similar toTiffany's Legacy Ring

I'm about to celebrate my 11 year anniversary and would like to "upgrade" my ring but we don't have much of a budget. I really like the style of the Tiffany Legacy ring… do you know of somewhere I could get one like it in a CZ instead of a real diamond?


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cz jeweler

Do you know anything about Birkat Elyon ( I can’t find reviews-good or bad- about them anywhere on the web, which I find odd. Can you please review this company and quality of CZs?

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I’m looking for a reputable jeweler that will not try and push a sub-par ring at a ridiculous price. I’m in the Houston area, more specifically in the Clear Lake/Webster area. However, I don’t mind having to go into the greater Houston area.

Thanks for your advice,

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My budget doesn’t allow my using natural mined diamonds, so after much researching all the substitutes available I would like to know what you think would be the best alternative to a mined diamond. I find it difficult to understand the differences between cz’s – synthetic – lab grown etc.
Thank you for your help.

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Bonded Diamonds

What happens if you buy a bonded diamond and the 10,20, 30 years later he’s out of business or retired? Is the guarantee only with the jeweler or does the bonding it come with the diamond?

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Hey, I love your book by the way. I am now beginning to search for an engagement ring and I saw Amazon is marketing the “create your own ring”. I was just wondering what you think about buying it off of Amazon. I did notice you could return the diamond for any reason once you get it. Thank you for your time, I greatly appreciate it.

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Please Post! Exceptional ring from Body Jewels!

Dearest Fred,

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my engagement ring from
Cynthia Lopresti is the most honest and direct jeweler I’ve ever encountered. Furthermore, she more than followed through on each and every promise. When I received the ring (2c For now, 18k) I was so overwhelmed at its quality I could only bawl. After a horrible experience with another online retailer (I wont mention names but lets just say it begins with a “Z” and ends in “” I was very suspicious of any claims of quality or illustration of product.
Body Jewels not only made an exceptional product but the ring is so lovely, I will be requesting a matching wedding band.

Thank you for your generosity, your time and your council. You are a lion amongst wolves.


Joy Yacoub

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Ziamond & Body Jewels Experiences

Dear Fred,

In a time where financial excess seems….well, “unseemly”, my fiancee and I decided to do what we felt was socially responsible and opt for a simple 2 carat zirconia, rather than a real diamond. We had no qualms paying out for far more than a dime store rock because we understand the value of workmanship, settings and the different grades of fakes.
I am writing to ask your advice on a particular company with whom we had a horrible and nasty experience. Ziamond, to be particular. I will gladly give you details if requested but I am interested in your recommendations for advice or review sites where our story can be heard and heard loudly.

On a positive note, we discovered “Body Jewels” and Cynthia, our new designer has held our hand and given us tip top service. We have not yet received the ring, but I have no doubts about her like I had with Ziamond.

Thank you Sir!

Joy and Scott

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Trust This Jeweler?

My daughter has your book and raves about it. Last year we went to a jeweler recommended by her coworker, she bought a new eternity band and is happy with it, nice people, good service. She was also looking at solitaires and they recommended a ‘baked’ diamond if she was trying to save money. She didn’t buy anything else after that… my question is, I would like to reset the stones from my old wedding band, but should I trust this jeweler that sells ‘baked goods’?

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Inclusion on CZ from

We bought a For Now CZ from several months ago. We were very happy when we saw it. Yesterday, under the sun, somehow I noticed an inclusion…it’s actually like 2 specks of dirt….it’s black in color. Could you please help me on what I should do? Should I buy a new one? Thank you.

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buy-back diamond policy

I bought an engagement ring from Barmakian in Dec 2008. The cost of the diamond was $12,500. I asked the store to buy back the diamond. I want to keep the setting.They offered me $7900, saying that the current value of the same diamond has dropped. I just read your article about bonded jewelers. I read the part where you said that the diamond should be insured for market crash and the dealer should buy the stone back for what it sold for. Do I have a right to receive what I paid from Barmakian? What actions can I take to recover the $12,500?

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Beware non bonded Beckers Diamonds

As Fred warns, beware of non fully bonded diamond sellers. I had an experience today I hope none of you have to go through.

I wrote Beckers Jewelers in CT about a bridal set I wished to resell back to them, at a lower, undetermined amount. The response I received was patronizing and rude.

And I quote from Tom Kelly, “It is a fact that more then 58% of all marriages fail. If we bought back all those diamonds at retail, any store would be out of business in just a few short years. We can guarantee our proucts but nobody can guarantee relationships.”. He also went on to say what I was asking of them was not fair.

I responded and let him know that fully bonded diamond dealers stand behind their diamonds, and that they do not, because they are commercial grade. I told him THAT is the response he should have sent. I would not do business with them unless you are prepared to pay more than a commercial grade diamond is worth, and hang on to it forever.

Thanks to Fred Cuellar, any future purchases will likely be with someone bonded. Great site, awesome information!

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Paid some HIGH retail

I called you up today and listened real good to what you had to say about my ring that I poured $12,995.00 into. yes, I bought a 2.14 diamond ring for myself -(Always)wanted one. Bought it from Gordon’s -1st mistake . I even traded it in twice to get where I am now. The depth is 71.0% and tabe is 75% -you described it as being “FAT” well I feel like a Fat fool for paying – $4,500.00 TOO much – even though the report -(IGI) states VS1 and “J” color. You know, i took it to a reputable jewler in Naples Fl. to see what he thought last week because I was thinking of trading up from 2.14 to 3.00 & Gordon’s said it would be at least 10,000.00 more . The jewler said i have a very nice ring and it probably could NOT be done for that price – so that means he thinks more than 10,000 – well as I told you today -I guess I should just SUCK it up and stick with this ring -I can’t see me giving gordon’s anymore $$$. I don’t even want to go in there for my inspections or free cleanings. I feel cheated. Maybe , I am looking for something to make me feel better. Ha. From now on- I am going to buy CZ from Body Jewels or at least get a hold of the gemologist for a good jewler in my town of Naples Florida. God, I wasted alot of $$$ What do you think – Live & learn ??

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Body Jewels

Hi Fred,

I see has a new website and also is listing the “for now” in all shapes. I was just wondering if you had a chance to check out the princess cut “for now” yet? The last I heard from you was that “you have not signed off on it yet”. I’m sure it will be beautiful if and when the final prototype is ready.

Thanks again!!

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