Cashiers check

She showed me a H SI1 1.61 round stone and said it was EGL belguim. She wants 6k cashiers check to DOV diamonds and 2k personal check to her. Is there something fishy going on with that?

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Authorized gemologist needed

I need an authorized gemologist in Fairbanks, Alaska to tell me if mine is real or not, it passed the fog test and does not show as simulated on electronic diamond testers.

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FI Stamp

What does it mean when there is the letters FI next to the 14k on the inside of my ring?

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Tarnished Gold

I have a 14K bracelet that i bought years ago in Turkey. I haven't worn it for so long and it has gone a tarnished red colour which i cannot remove with ordinary gold cleaner. How can i restore it to it's original condition and how much should it cost?

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Finding bonded diamonds

I have ordered a custom ring, and now I'm looking for a diamond. The more I read your book and watch your tutorials,the more confused I get.
My present jeweler has shown me several GIA diamonds, but not together. You said to see several together! Where can I go to see many diamonds to choose from, preferably bonded.
I am willing to travel!

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Can this be legit???

Please take a look at the link for this internet jewelry store. I think the prices are suspiciously low. How much should I really be paying for these if they are what he says they are??

Thanks for any help,
C. Hartley

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Need Help with Sapphire Jewelry

Hi Fred, I am looking to purchase alight color sapphire for my girlfriend as an engagement ring, not sure if yellow, pink or papadarscha (however u spell it) is the way to go yet.

my question is finding a reputable jeweler in NY. Diamond district seems shady.

What do u think of

I was given the name Frank Pollack and sons in NYC it is said to have been in business over 100 years. I received that recommendation from Robert Hensley of

Please help I am so confused, gemstones seem a lot harder to purchase than diamonds due to lack of universal purchasing parameters, like a diamond and the four c's.

I dont mind paying for quality, just wan to be sure I am not being ripped off.

Thanks for anything you can advise.


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hand cut

Is there a difference between a hand cut CZ and a good quality CZ?

Is it noticeable and worth it to spend the extra on a hand cut?

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My diamond shattered!

So my fiancee purchased my ring from Avery reputable jeweler in the Boston Area. It was an estate piece I had been looking at for years. A bezel cut diamond, with princess and round cut diamonds on the band, a very unique piece. I was a little concerned when they sent him home with only a receipt, no detailed sales slip, or any type of certificate or diagram for the my diamond. I called the store and they sent me an insurance appraisal a week later that mentioned nothing about the center stone so I called back n requested another appraisal. I was researching jewelry insurance but 3 days after receiving the appropriate appraisal I was at work and I looked at my diamond and my center stone was shattered. Only 16 days after wearing my ring. I called the store and left work immediately so my jeweler can take a look at it, the store manager says there is absolutely no way they are going to absorb the cost to replace my diamond. I have never seen anything like this before the entire diamond is concave I must have lost 1/2 a carat. This doesn't seem fair to me. I'm not a boxer or anything I'm a makeup artist! How could my diamond have just shattered and why isnt the store willing to take responsibility?

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TGL Diamond Certification

I am looking at a 30year anniversary diamond at a jeweler retailor in Fort Worth, TX. It is a combined 2 1/2 c.w. bridal set, center stone is 1 c.w Marquis.

The salesman said they have a TGL certificate, I researched and found TGL is a Thailand / Japan diamond certifier.

Is this a trust-worthy purchase for $2900.00?

Thanks for a quick response.


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diamonds, jewelry,etc

Dear Fred,

I am a junior in high school and I am interested in going into the jewelry business. I am looking at attending G.I.A either on campus or taking the distance course that they offer. I would like to get my GG. Is there any other suggestions or any other school I could attend to learn the most about diamonds, colored stones, etc. I am going to be majoring in getting a business degree. That should come hand in hand with my GG if I would ever own my own jewelry store down the road. I am thinking about buying a jewlers microscope. It is extremly expensive on G.I.A's website. The price is around $4000.00 to $5000.00. Would I be better off buying a used one from a jeweler around town or should I buy a new state of the art one from G.I.A?
I have also purchased many diamond books, I have watched alot of your videos on youtube. Is there any other suggestions on how I can be a sucessful jeweler down the road?

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Diamond price/ Jeweler

I'm trying to buy a center stone and I want to know if you could help as far as finding a great jeweler and answer a few questions. I ran across a diamond jeweler online diamond cutters, any advice? I'm looking for a .90-1 carat G s11 VG and what should I expect to pay for this diamond.

Thank you,

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HW vs. Cartier vs. the Rest

Hi Fred,
How much superior are Harry Winston diamonds to Cartier to an excellent quality GIA diamond from a local jeweler?

I'm looking for an engagement ring with a $15,000-$17,000 budget. Can I find a comparable diamond from "the rest" at a much more competitive price or is it really worth buying a HW or Cartier? A 1.09 round from HW in F color, VS1 runs around $20k. 1.10 round Cartier G color, VVS1 runs around $17k.

Please advise.

Thank you,

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McQueen Jewelry

What are your thoughts on the quality of the stones from McQueen. My thought, on their studs is that they probably a little liberal on their grading. Also, when did the SI3 grade come about. Is it basically a "nice" I1 🙂

Thanks in advance for your time.

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What do you know of Mervis diamonds

Hi Fred,
what do you know of Mervis diamond importers? we have some of them here in the area and they offer 100% trade in for diamonds purchase at their store. This is not like bonded diamond but it is better than other jewelers.


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pricing and jeweler

Hi Fred,

I am looking for an engagement/bridal set. I like the halo style and am looking at 1/2 carat for the center stone. The rings I have seen are approximately $1100 for the setting with small round diamonds around the band and halo. The center diamonds I have been looking at are approx. 1/2 carat G-VS2 for approx $2,000. Do these prices sound reasonable? Also, do you have any information about Houston Diamond Outlet and Shaftel Diamonds? Are they bonded or can you tell me how I can find out? Thank you!

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Lazare Kaplan question?

Is a Lazare Kaplan Diamond a reputable diamond to purchase? I know you talk in your book about being weary of certain diamonds with names on them such as Hearts on Fire, etc. Is there anything I need to be weary of if a jeweler is showing me a Lazare Kaplan Diamond?

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