My ring has an emerald and rhinestone top with 14KT GE and arrow shape email me for pictures please

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14k HGE ring

I have a ring with a diamond in the middle. It doesn’t fog up when I breathe on it. Could it have a real diamond in place of a fake one? It came from my grandfather.

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Is Online shopping really cheaper?


I have several buddies who have went the online route to secure their engagement rings. All of whom swear they were able to save significant coin. Would you recommend an online dealer and if so, do you have a top three?

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18k Gersc

I found a ring that belongs to my great great grandmother and it has 18k Gersc and I silver or I think silver ring that has no writing on it. I wanted to just see bout them being looked at it..

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where to go get a rough diamond cut

Where would I take my rough cut diamonds to get cut? Does diamond cutters intl. Offer a diamond cutting service to the public. My stones range from about 2 mm – to 9mm x 4mm
I would greatly appreaciate any direction you could point me in

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Do your company design birthstone rings? If so, I'm interest in a 14 kt white gold ring with a 2 to 3 kt garnet center stone and 1 to 2 kt diamonds around the stone or on the side of the stone.

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Buying a ring from Costco.com need your help

Hi Fred,

While doing some web-search on the diamond rings I came across,your suggestions,so I wanted to ask a few details about my purchasing.

I have seen on the costco site that says the following specs

total Diamond weight:0.50 ctw
Clarity : VS2
Could you please elaborate to me wht would be the total price in $$ for this jewellery.
Here is the price quoted by costco 1199.99.And also could you tell me what would be the resale value?I'm a customer who want to buy a good diamond ring for my wife,so please do not consider this as a spam

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Is custom Gassan 121 cut worth the Xtra $$

Hi venerable Diamond Guy,

I foraged through your FAQ and couldn't find what I wanted to ask. So mea culpa if this has been answered before. But I wanted to get your opinion about Gassan patented 121 cut I saw in Amsterdam last week. These cuts command a higher price (no matter their grade) compared to traditional cuts. I was really tempted seeing as Amsterdam has a world-famous reputation as the City of Diamonds, but are they worth it? Is this a good investment that will rise in value in the future because of its patented status? Thank you Mr. Fred. Yours sincerely, Stephen.

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Guild store vs regular jeweler

Hi, I have been looking at engagement rings at most of the major international and local retailers. Been to Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, Van Cleef, Bvlgari etc. I was blown away by Harry Winston. Cartier was good too but the service wasn't as 'boutique' as HW. I've now pretty much decided on the HW. Aside from the usual 4C's, i believe in the beauty of the rock. and at the end of the day the rock should do what it's supposed to – sparkle. my question is – is it alright to simply go for this 'sparkle' factor, given the 4C's are more or less the same. i mean given a rock from a local jeweller with the same 4C's as one from HW, would the sparkle factor be what is worth paying at least 30% more for? thanks

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Tiffany Embrace/Soleste vs Harry Winston Micro Pave Cushion

I am wanting to purchase a new wedding ring. I am torn between the Tiffany Embrace, the Tiffany Soleste and the Harry Winston Micropave cushion.
I want a ring of very high quality to leave to my family as part of my estate. Which in your opinion is the most beautiful, which is the most well made, and which one would command the most value if my heirs ever needed to sell it for some reason?Thank you for your help.

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Good Jewelers

I bought your book on how to buy a diamond and would like to know where you would recommend I seek to purchase one. I live in SC, near Atlanta, Charlotte,Charleston, and Greenville. I have never purchased a nice piece of jewelry before…your help and advice are much appreciated.

Thank you,


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FBA diamond online


I'm in Melbourne Australia and looking to find diamonds online for financial reasons (Australia is very expensive). Could you tell me what online company can be trusted and sell FBA diamonds?

Thank you,


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Reputable Dealer/Jeweler in Augusta, GA?

Hello sir,

I live in the Augusta, GA area and I'm looking for a reputable jeweler so that I might purchase a diamond wedding/anniversay ring. I would like it to be in the area of a VS1–VS2, maybe VVS1-VVS2(depending on cost), D – G color with an EX or VG polish and symmetry, no culet, no fluorescence, medium girdle, Ideal cut and around a 1.5 carat and GIA certified. By chance, can you recommend a local jeweler which will treat me fair..This is very important to me.

Thank you


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Cashiers check

She showed me a H SI1 1.61 round stone and said it was EGL belguim. She wants 6k cashiers check to DOV diamonds and 2k personal check to her. Is there something fishy going on with that?

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Authorized gemologist needed

I need an authorized gemologist in Fairbanks, Alaska to tell me if mine is real or not, it passed the fog test and does not show as simulated on electronic diamond testers.

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Tarnished Gold

I have a 14K bracelet that i bought years ago in Turkey. I haven't worn it for so long and it has gone a tarnished red colour which i cannot remove with ordinary gold cleaner. How can i restore it to it's original condition and how much should it cost?

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