Can you please tell me what a 2 carat princess cut 14 k gold clarity 12 color H-I is worth? Thanks

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potential value


I have a diamond ententity ring with 22 diamonds in 16 carat white gold value for insurance purposes in 1988 was 6 K pounds

What could i expect to get for it today on the second hand market and where is the avenue for selling it ?

Thanks David

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Reasonable price for a 3.15 emerald cut diamond

Hi Fred,

An individual is wanting to sell an estate emerald cut diamond.
The diamond is a GIA graded. Stats are as follows:

Emerald cut
3.15 carats
I color VS2 clarity
9.17 x 7.86 x 5.00
68% table
63.6% depth
VG Polish
VG Symmetry

What would be a fair price for me to offer the seller for a stone with these specifications?
Thank you,

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Ring price

Hello sir, my grandmother gave me this ring a long long time ago and I’ve had it ever since. I’m curious if it’s real diamonds and gold. It says 18kgersc or something. And has a line of diamonds running diagnal through the ring

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What does the engravings GM137 mean ?? And What kinda ring & what is its value of it, It’s a Gold ring with a big diamond and lots of little ones and its stamped 375 GM137 ?? What does this mean Can you please help

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Did I overpaid?

Hi Fred. I just purchased a round brilliant cut diamond and would like your opinion on whether or not I got a good deal.
Here are the specs from EGL cert:
Measurements: 6.94-6.90×4.28mm
1.26 cts SI1 D
Polish and symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None
Total Depth: 61.8%
Table Width: 58%
Crown Height: 14%
Pavilion Depth: 44%
Girdle: Medium, faceted
Culet: none
Excellent Ideal Cut

I paid $9300 for the diamond and it has a little imperfection in it, I can see a tiny feather if I pay close attention. How much do you think is a fair price for the stone? Thank you.

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Regal Elegance Diamond

Hi Diamond Guy. I helping my friend buy a ring and we noticed that Sam Club has Regal Elegance Diamonds rings for exteremly low cost. I know the cut and colors all play a factor in the price, however are they considered to be real diamonds? Just making sure he doesnt buy something false just because the price looks good. Thank you.

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hi mr. Fred

Hi.i saw a video on youtube about diamond prices, and im thinking just to know his real value.im from mozambique and here we got no specialist.so im thinking if you can help me find out the value.

thankz and sorry for my english.

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deal on 98 facets

We are currently looking at engagement rings, but find it really difficult to figure out if we are offered a good deal.
We have found a ring ($2000 for the setting containing 14k white gold 0.4c diamonds -don't know the clarity-they aren't big) and then the center diamond is a SI 0.81C with 98 facets i believe (certified). The price without tax is about $6400. Is this a good deal?

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Reason for Demand of diamonds

Is daimonds are really in demand? or it is supplied less? why they are so exoensive rather than considering its properties such as hardness,shine etc…………….

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4.08 SI1 L

i was left a diamond ring by my grandmother. i have a EGL-USA cert. the measurements are 4.08, SI1, L, Depth 59.70, table 69, no flor, Good polish and good symmetry.
what is your receommendation on selling this? I live in the cicninnati, oh area and not too sure which path to take.

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Solitare Engagement Ring

My question is regarding a solitare engagement ring. The diamond is .56ct ideal cut, with a color rating of I and a clarity rating of SI1. The setting is a thin 14k white gold band with 6 prongs. The diamond is very pretty and is a certified stone from EGL US. The price the jeweler gave me was $1700, but the original cost was around $3900, which is what the paperwork on the diamond appraised it as. Regardless, I'm going to get the ring because my girlfriend liked it the best, but I'm wondering if the original price is even close to the actual worth. Thanks.

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Info about the ring I have

I have a 14k yellow gold diamond ring. The main ston is marquise. and it have 42 diamonds in all. the middle stone isnt that big i would send u pics so u could see it.

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submitted worksheet for est value of diamond

Hi. Watched your video prior to filling out the worksheet, and of course was one of those suckers that back in 1980 bought just what you showed. Ignorance is NOT bliss but costly when you put your trust in the wrong people. Would like to know what we can expect to get for the diamond we have and how to go about getting the top dollar. Thank you.

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Your opinion on this diamond

Hi there. I am seriously considering purchasing a radiant cut diamond and would like your opinion on whether or not I'm getting a fair deal. I hope you can help. Here are the specs:
Measurements: 6.68×5.45×3.73mm
1.09, J, VVS2
Polish and symmetry: both Very Good
Fluorescence: Strong Blue
Depth: 68.4%
Table: 66%
Girdle: slightly thick to thick, faceted
Culet: none
The reference diagrams note 3 Chips and 1 small Cloud

All info is from the GIA report.
The jeweler is asking for $4600. It looks like a beautiful stone to me- however when I look online and compare it to other stones with similar specs it seems to be quite overpriced. How much do you think is a fair price for the stone? I would appreciate your input. Thanks!

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Princess Cut Diamond Ring (2)

I originally had the question about the Princess Cut Diamond Ring.
It is an 18kt white gold ring, with three diamonds. The center diamond is .5kt. It has tiny diamonds around all three stones. It also has three small diamonds going down each side of the ring. It is a size 6.5.
I am unsure if the location of the appraisal will effect the value of the ring. I am just confused how several people would tell me it could sell for $6,000+ but the appraisal say it is only worth $3,300. Is it possible that even if the ring is only insured for $3,300 that I could still sell it for more?
I really just want to get rid of this ring and I am not sure of how to sell it or how much to sell it for. I appreciate your time and any advice you can give me!

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Princess Cut Diamond Ring

I am trying to sell my diamond engagement ring. I took it to a few different places they all said it could sell for $6,000+. I had it actually appraised and it said the value of an insurance replacement would only be $3,300. What does this really mean? Is the insured value different than the retail value?

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Wedding Ring- Full Diamond Band


I was wondering how much a full band princess cut diamond wedding ring would cost?

I would like it to be platinum and each stone to be set with it's own prongs, not within a band.

Also, around a carat in total, roughly.

Thanks so much,

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Diamond or Diamond+Ring

I in the process of researching the purchase of an engagement ring and I want to know is it better from a cost perspective to by the diamond separately from the ring set (which is usually seen in promotions). Appreciate any feedback you could give

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