Black diamond

I am currently deployed. I bought a 2ct black diamond last time I was here for around 400 it was real. Well this time around I am getting a ring. 14kt rose gold with a 3.5ct black diamond and has a total of 1ct regular diamonds. A couple of questions on the said ring without any pictures or specifics on the cut. First, is there a such thing as 14ct rose gold? With everything I have mentioned about the ring how much would you say it’s worth? The guys stuff is appraising higher then what he is selling it for. He wants 1400 for this ring and promises that it will appraise for minimum of 5k in the states. I trust the guy but don’t want to lose my money.

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Purchasing a ring.

I found a ring in a pawn shop that I liked. It is a shallow cut .80 pear center diamond with smaller ones on each side totalling 1.46carat weight. It doesn’t have a lot of sparkle. Being shallow it sits low which I like. They are asking 2400 for it. What do you think?

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diamond cutting

were can i cut a diamanod size 4.03 rough stone in hong kong how much can cost and also to get a certication after cut

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Hi i have a collection of .2 carat round diamonds that ive recycled from old ugly discounted damaged 18kt rings, purchasing for approx $150 aud each. I’m wondering how much a Gia certificate costs in aud and if its worth having them inscribed? I don’t have the details of the diamonds but they all look eye clean and good clear to grey colour. I want to use the diamonds as a retirement fund for when I’m older. I plan on continuing to use the system i have for finding good stones.

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Estate ring

My mother purchased a Jabel ring from an estate sale in Arizona. The inside states “Platinum Jabel” on one side and the other side says “patd. 116337.” I believe the center stone is a rare Cabochon, in turquoise. Is that possible or was the center likely switched out at one time? Also, how much would it be worth estimated? There are two diamonds, one on each side of the center stone.

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Value of my ring


I wanted you ask if you could give me some idea of what I could expect to get for my ring. Here are the details I know about it:
Diamond size between 5.35 – 6.35 cts. 11.4 – 11.6 mm, round, possible old European cut
color L-M
clarity VS2-S1
surrounded by 44 princess cut diamonds .88 cts
color J-K
Clarity SI2-I1

Thank you,

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What is the price range?

Hi Fred, I’m looking for a round brilliant cut diamond and would like to get your opinion.
Here are the specs from GIA cert:
1.52 cts clarity IF color D
Polish and symmetry: excellent
Fluorescence: none
Table: 57%
Crown angle: 33 degree
Crown height: 14%
Girdle : 3%
Total depth: 60.1%
Pavilion angle: 40.8 degree
Pavilion depth : 43%
Culet : none
Cut grade: excellent
Measurement: 7.48-7.51x 4.50mm

Price: USD 34000
Comments: surface graining is not shown. Minor details of polish are not shown

How much do you think is a fair price for this diamond? Thank you

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Can you please tell me what a 2 carat princess cut 14 k gold clarity 12 color H-I is worth? Thanks

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potential value


I have a diamond ententity ring with 22 diamonds in 16 carat white gold value for insurance purposes in 1988 was 6 K pounds

What could i expect to get for it today on the second hand market and where is the avenue for selling it ?

Thanks David

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Reasonable price for a 3.15 emerald cut diamond

Hi Fred,

An individual is wanting to sell an estate emerald cut diamond.
The diamond is a GIA graded. Stats are as follows:

Emerald cut
3.15 carats
I color VS2 clarity
9.17 x 7.86 x 5.00
68% table
63.6% depth
VG Polish
VG Symmetry

What would be a fair price for me to offer the seller for a stone with these specifications?
Thank you,

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Ring price

Hello sir, my grandmother gave me this ring a long long time ago and I’ve had it ever since. I’m curious if it’s real diamonds and gold. It says 18kgersc or something. And has a line of diamonds running diagnal through the ring

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What does the engravings GM137 mean ?? And What kinda ring & what is its value of it, It’s a Gold ring with a big diamond and lots of little ones and its stamped 375 GM137 ?? What does this mean Can you please help

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Did I overpaid?

Hi Fred. I just purchased a round brilliant cut diamond and would like your opinion on whether or not I got a good deal.
Here are the specs from EGL cert:
Measurements: 6.94-6.90×4.28mm
1.26 cts SI1 D
Polish and symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None
Total Depth: 61.8%
Table Width: 58%
Crown Height: 14%
Pavilion Depth: 44%
Girdle: Medium, faceted
Culet: none
Excellent Ideal Cut

I paid $9300 for the diamond and it has a little imperfection in it, I can see a tiny feather if I pay close attention. How much do you think is a fair price for the stone? Thank you.

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