What do you want for Valentine's Day?

6) What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

What could I say? I couldn’t ask him for the
one present I wanted most. Warren and I had been dating for nearly
nine years and
had been discussing getting married "some day" for
months. I was convinced that Valentine’s Day was going to be
the day he proposed, but it seemed I was wrong.

We spent the afternoon window-shopping. Warren
offered to buy me a Bridal magazine. By that time, I was disappointed
and frustrated
enough to reply, "I wanted a real present, not some dumb magazine." Despite
my childish behavior, Warren went out of his way to make dinner
a special event. We had lobster and champagne at a wonderful restaurant.
As good as the food, the ambiance, and the company were, my mood
only improved marginally. Every time I tried to talk about our
relationship, he changed the subject. We ended our day with a romantic
movie. Warren couldn’t seem to sit still. He spent as much time
in the lobby as he did seated next to me holding my hand.

By the time the movie ended, it was nearly midnight.
I dozed off on the trip home, only to wake up in Warren’s mother’s
I could see that Warren was tired too, so I didn’t understand why
he didn’t just take me home. It struck me as slightly odd that
she was expecting us, but only slightly. His Mom was always glad
to see us.
As soon as we had our coffee, he insisted that I teach his mother
how to use a video camera. He told me that she wanted to make a
videotape of a house she was trying to sell and flattered me with
the claim that I was a better teacher than he was
I showed my mother-in-law the controls and then she said she wanted
to try it herself. She had me sit on the couch and she started
the camera.

If you watch the tape, you can see that I’m
in a bad mood. That’s putting it mildly. I was fuming. If I was
a cartoon, smoke would
have been streaming from my ears. Frankly, if I were Warren, I
would have started looking for a less temperamental girlfriend.
Instead, he sat next to me and made one of the most romantic speeches
I’ve ever heard. It ended with, "I might not be the richest
man in the world, or the handsomest, but you would make me the
happiest man in the world, and the luckiest if…"

At this
point, he got down on one knee and finished, "If you
answer yes to the question, will you marry me?"

Of course,
I started to say, "Yes!"

Warren gently placed a finger
on my lips and said, "Wait.
I wanted to propose on Valentine’s Day, but we both have to work.
Now, if you don’t care, if you don’t want to be able to say we
got engaged on Valentine’s Day, go ahead and say yes."

I took
a deep breath, but he continued, "On the other hand,
if you wait to give me the official answer until Monday, then we
can say that we were officially engaged on Valentine’s Day."

agreed. What woman wouldn’t want to be able to say she got engaged
on Valentine’s Day? We were married six months later. That was
ten years ago. A few Valentine’s Days ago, we watched the tape
with Matthew, who was about three at the time. I don’t think he
completely understood the significance of his father’s speech,
but he certainly understood the part about "Mommy’s kissing

Story by:
Irene Smith – Port Jervis, NY


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