Pretty Woman

2) Pretty Woman

On May 18th, 2002 I asked my now fiance’ Nichole
to be at her house at 1:00 PM because I had a surprise. I showed
up at her door step wearing a shirt and tie. Behind me was a limousine
I had rented for the day. She was shocked. I said, "I know
you have other plans for the day, but I have planned a special day
for us. We will be going to see a show at the theater. I can’t give
you any more information, and you cannot ask any questions. You
have 30 minutes to get ready, and I will be back to pick you up."
I told her I was going to the store but I actually picked up her
mother and brother in the limo to ask for their blessing to marry
Nichole. They said yes. After dropping them off I returned to pick
up Nichole, she looked amazing. It was the most beautiful I had
ever seen her. She assumed we were going to Detroit, but soon she
realized we were going in the other direction, towards my hometown
of Jackson, MI. When we arrived at the Historic Michigan Theater,
the marquee read "Pretty Woman – Nichole." She seemed
kind of confused and excited at the same time. I told her we were
going to watch Pretty Woman, her favorite movie. When we entered
the theater, she realized that the two of us were the only guests
in the theater, and that the two employees behind the concession
stand were there to serve only us. She said " You got this
whole theater just for us." "Yes." I said proudly.
The histroic theater is gorgeous. We got our popcorn and water,
which Nichole could not eat or drink because she was so nervous,
she knew this was the big day. She told me later "If he rented
a limo and a whole theater, he better ask me to marry him or he’ll
be in big trouble!" We began to watch the movie, and as planned
the movie stopped unexpectedly. What came on to the big screen was
a video I had produced called "Nichole and Aaron’s Video Scrapbook."
It was a 15 minute video of pictures from our childhood, and pictures
of the two of us together. All of the pictures were set to music.
I love taking pictures, she loves to scrapbook. She cried through
the whole thing. It was perfect. When the video was over I turned
in my seat and finally asked her to marry me. To top off all of
the surprises on the day, my entire family was waiting outside the
theater at my request. None of them knew why they were asked to
be there, but they suspected. Nichole and I were so excited to see
them. We returned to her house where her family was waiting. It
was the perfect day, one that will be one of the most important
days we ever scrapbook together.

Thanks for reading!

Aaron Warriner
Westland, MI


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, Fred is one of the top diamond experts in the world, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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