How long is a moment? A second?…a minute?…an hour? Can a moment last for days? Webster defines a moment as “a brief indefinite interval of time.” Hmmm…brief and indefinite? Is that possible? Webster says so.

One thing we can probably all agree on is that any moment, regardless of how small or how grand, must always come to an end. Moments are circular. They have a beginning and an end as they surround you. When I created the Moments™ Collection I wanted to design something that would be a reminder that our time here is so precious; from the grand moments (large circles) to the small moments (small circles) that sum up our lives. Each moment, somehow, magically linked to the next precious moment, yet separate in its own place and time. I started with the smallest moments and then increased each new moment by the slightest of amounts. I placed the largest moment at the top instead of the bottom to symbolize that your next greatest moment is only a breath away. In sum, it is my most fervent wish that every time someone puts on any piece from the Moments™ Collection that they remember the following quote:
“May each moment eclipse the last.”

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The Moments ™ Collection is hand-made with jeweler-interchangeable links.
They are available in all precious metals and gemstones and range in price from $500.00 to $100,000.00


(All photographs were taken by acclaimed photographer and artist Ricky Fernandez)

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