Living in a World Without Gray

In simplistic terms it is not difficult to argue the existence of darkness and the light from the rising sun. In darkness, we are able to move without being noticed, accomplish without being criticized and blunder without falling. In the light we are awakened to the scrutiny of our peers, the gravity of our dreams, and the stark reality of our mortality. Many teeter back and forth from light to darkness, from black to white, oblivious to the shadows that hide behind the crevices of our lives, oblivious to gray. Then there are the teachers, the fathers, the mothers, the sisters and brothers that protect us and guard us from the shadows. They provide us with the illusions where love conquers all, good defeats evil, the truth shall prevail, and nothing is impossible.

We are sent out believing in justice and we create a moral code that we use as self-definition for the person that we let take center stage. Sometimes to the roar of the crowd and sometimes to the view of empty seats, but still we go on. Whether our driving force is survival or gratification we live in a world of our own creation; a world of illusions. For many the illusions become a reality and the illusions are lost among the many daydreams we had as a child.

We self-promote ourselves to roles of superior and judge forgetting the steep cliff we have placed ourselves on from the mountain most high. “I live in a world without gray,” declares the blind fool who takes office and tries to rule. But in gray is found compassion where the rules don’t apply; where you don’t have to answer the questions and tell a truth from a lie. In gray, right is wrong as often as wrong is right. The sun shines as often during the day as it does at night. So before you reach down to cast a stone, know we all have closets that are littered with bones. Let the judge be the defendant and the ruler be the accused. It isn’t time for being amused. A world without gray is as bad as a world without black and white. It’s only by accepting all will we truly take flight.

by Fred Cuellar the Diamond Guy®

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