Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

When I think about an alluring woman, there are certain words that immediately come to mind: Simplicity, subtlety, naturalness and elegance. Natural beauty captures our hearts and imagination with ease. It awakens us, it enlightens us, and it fills us – mind, body and soul – with joy. Beauty is grace. Beauty is passion. Beauty is love.
People say that for one to possess beauty, one must “be-you-till-full”. In other words, only when we stop hiding from our own inner power & greatness and dare greatly can we truly be ourselves and thus know true inner beauty. Without this, our light cannot shine; our love cannot flow. Jewelry doesn’t make or complete a woman, it celebrates her.
If a woman is happy before wearing jewelry, she will be happy after wearing jewelry. Jewelry essentials are about amplifying the simplicity, elegance, and grace she already has. They accentuate the nape of her neck, the pulse from her wrists, the soft lobes of her ears, and the touch from her hands. Jewelry essentials awaken the senses.

The Simple Necklace

Like a perfectly well-worn pair of jeans that hug your hips ‘just right’, the simple necklace is the finishing touch you throw on right before you head out the door. It’s the smile you always have on – your sparkle.

The Cuff Bracelet

When you put on a cuff bracelet, it lets the world know you’re in charge. ‘Nuff’ said.

Inside-Out Diamond Hoop Earrings

Inside-out diamond hoops earrings seem to defy gravity as they let your inner light shine bright. You’re beautiful – Inside & Out.

The Always Bracelet

Some things you never take off. Some things you never confess. Some things you love forever. The Always Bracelet – forever and a day, always with you.

Stackable Rings

No one defines you; that’s your job. You don’t play by their rules, you have your own. Stackable rings let you tell your story your way.

Diamond Studs

You’re never naked with a pair of diamond studs – unless you want to be.


The Knucklebuster

Hey Bosslady – You are not every woman. You are your own woman. When you’re ready to kick ass and take names, put on your Knucklebuster. It’s Game Time.

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