It is Finished!

There once was a man who for every reason should not have made a mark on society. When he was born his family was homeless and his parents had to rely on the charity of strangers in order to help feed and shelter him. His dad was a day laborer and took odd jobs where he could find them. At an early age in a market place his mom turned around and realized he was missing. In a frantic pace she searched all day looking for her lost boy only to find him playing with others in another part of the city. Furious, his mom asked him never to wander off and get lost again. To which he replied, “Mother, I was never lost, I always knew where I was.” He still got grounded.

As a teenager he would learn his dad’s blue-collar craft of making furniture and was quite good at it. Some might have thought this man to be a commoner but when asked why he didn’t aspire to higher ambitions he would reply, “A chair that I make with my two hands will give rest to my bretheren, how can giving comfort to my fellow man not be seen as a noble endeavor?” You have to admit the kid could put a nice spin on just about anything he did. As he grew older he got restless and decided to travel, so he left home.

Being a pretty vocal fellow he would always take notice to what he felt the injustices of the land were and spoke his mind. If he thought taxes were too high, he’d speak out on that. If he saw someone in trouble, he would come to their aid. More than once he landed himself in prison for his beliefs. When told if he didn’t renounce the things he believed in he would be put to death, he stood his ground.

So this inquisitive bright child, blue-collar laborer and speaker of the people wound up a convicted felon on death row. Later he would be put to death for the crimes his keepers said he had committed against society. The day of his execution he made no excuses and stood with his head held high. When the guard lanced him with his fatal wound, the last words that were uttered by this man were, “It is finished!”

I can only speculate that he wasn’t referring to his life being finished but his task on earth. This child of humble beginnings had decided on a course in his life, took it, stuck with it and finished it. How many of us can say that? That we finished everything we start to the best of our abilities? That we would fight and die for our beliefs, that when we are on our deathbed we will be able to say our task is finished. Not many I guess. But isn’t it a nice goal to strive for? Wouldn’t this world be a little better off if we took pride in who we were and what we did and stopped along the way to help a friend or stranger? I think so….
By the way, if you’re wondering whom the young man I made reference to earlier was, most refer to him as the Son of God.

by Fred Cuellar the Diamond Guy
The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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