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Graff vs. Harry Winston

Dear Diamond Guy,

I am engagement ring shopping and am having a hard time deciding between Harry Winston and Graff. I have recently visited both Graff (Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas) and Harry Winston (Caesar Palace Las Vegas and Rodeo Drive, Beaverly Hills) this past week and have looked at comparable rings (approx. 2 carat round brilliant center stone e/f & VS1 with pear shaped side stones). I’m a firm believer in getting what you pay for and know I’m going to purchase the ring from one of these stores. Do you prefer one store over the other in general? I have to say both rings look awesome and I cannot decide between them just based on looks. Do you know if one name generates bigger swoon factor than the other?

The only other consideration I have is that Graff was willing to deal the price down several thousand dollars and said that I could put 100% of the price towards future upgrades.

So basically, my question is Harry Winston vs. Graff?

Hi Surferjonez,

Tough choice — both very good guild stores, but if you want me to assume they both have the same product (i.e. can’t choose because one has the better rock this time around), I guess I’d go with Graff.
Q#2: Harry Winston has more swoon factor in the U.S., Graff more in the rest of the world. I am a fan of good guarantees but Winston has been known to buy a diamond back all together if the relationship didn’t work out! That’s pretty damn impressive!!

The Diamond Gu

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