Fall of the Tablet of Truth

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land far away lived the house of GIA. In this house were the most respected and honorable knights. Every day they went into battle to uphold honor, credibility and the search for the tablet of truth. Many would come from far away lands to the house that GIA built and ask but one question, “Does my rock of honor speak the truth?” “For if my rock is a mere pebble then I shall send it back from where it hath come and choose another. All were happy in the land of Debeerios until another family built another house that said their knights could find the truth as well.

Soon there were many houses. The house of IGI, the house of EGL, the house of AGS, the house of HRD and others, all proclaiming that their knights could foretell the truth of the stones of destiny better than the other. The land of Debeerios was in a state of confusion. Does truth have many faces and if so which face tells no lies. All the country’s men and women were lost.

Then, one day a great man rode into Debeerios on a white stallion. His name, King Bonding. Every where he went the villagers would follow. He went to every house and spoke with every knight and when he was done he made a proclamation. “There are some knights in all houses that do not speak the truth or hold their tongues and speak partial truths. To bring honor back to the stones of destiny, I will bless only the mightiest of stones. These stones of destiny that have been blessed by King Bonding will forever be known as “The Bonded Stones of Destiny!” These stones can tell no lies for their value can never be disputed!” The land of Debeerios rang with happiness and joy for truth had been restored. No longer could the knights of the houses distort the truth for their own selfish reasons because if they did they would never pass the final battle with King Bonding.

The End

by Fred Cuellar, author of the best-selling book “How to Buy a Diamond.” More questions? Ask the Diamond Guy®

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