Can true harmony be realized through the dysfunction of unity? If it is possible for love to prosper we must cycle past dependence and return to independence to feel the exhilaration of passion. Is it through passion that our soul soars or is it down the road most traveled that gives us the peace of mind to carry on? Opportunity lost can be a horrible thing but what may be more treacherous is the constant familiarity of a mate and death of the spark that unites two souls. Even the greatest flame will extinguish if it is allowed to be smothered. There are few things in life besides the air that we breathe that require our constant attention. For growth to occur there must be space to grow. For there to be space there must be separation. Unity cannot succeed without disunity. Love cannot grow without freedom.

The conundrum is not to walk so far away from the blaze that we can’t find our way home and not to venture too close that our only sensation is to burn. Often we let experience be our guide to the realization of an outcome we believe will be most cherished. But what if all the paths we’ve tried up until now were nothing but dead ends? Can misguided adventures that had no substance stand as a true testament to deliver a destination we can revel in? Even a recipe perfectly executed will prove to be a failure if the recipe itself was flawed from its inception. Disunity is the concept of oneness with the soul, not separation of the spirit that most would have you believe.

Because in order for a division to take place the divider must return or go somewhere. The divider must return home. To the roots that allowed him to venture out in the first place. Disunity reminds the soul of its purpose and goals not disillusionment or respect of others. For any house to stand its two supporting columns must remain separate but united. Neither relinquishing its own identity for the umbrella support of the other. Unity may bring us together but disunity keeps us whole.

by Fred Cuellar the Diamond Guy®

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