Dear @Klout: It Has Come Time For Me To Say Goodbye To You…

Dear @Klout

It Has Come Time For Me To Say Goodbye To You. While I Believe Your Heart Was In The Right Place When You Came Up With Your Idea Of Social Influence, I Believe You Are Fundamentally Broken. You Are Hurting People. You Make Them Feel Good One Day, Only To Tell Them They Are Worth Less The Next. The Measure Of Someone’s Influence Is Not The Measure Of Clicks, RTs & Like Buttons. It’s The Measure Of How Much Someone Is Willing To Sacrifice For You. Influence Is Love. Influence Is Kindness, Gratitude & Compassion. There Are No Buttons For These. I’ve Stood By & Watched You Divide The Digital World Into “Winners” & “Losers”. Maybe I Hung On So Long Because You Kept Calling Me A “Winner”. When My Klout Score Got To 80 I Thought Wow! I Must Be Special! Now It Rests At 83 & I Don’t Feel Special Anymore, I Feel Used & Manipulated. You Gave Me Worthless Points In Trade For My Friends Attention So You Could Sell Them. Well It’s Been Fun But It’s Time For Me To Get Off Your Ride. You See There Is No Algorithm To Measure Human Emotion, You’re Just An Emperor Wearing No Clothes. The Funny Part Will Be To See My “Klout” Go Down When I Stop Tweeting About You. But You See, I Never Really Had Klout, I Have Clout. And For All Your Effort You Never Figured Out One Thing, I’m Kinda Influential About #Diamonds, Not Desserts. 😉


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the world’s top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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