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Top Ten Complaints a Woman Has About Her Engagement Ring

Over the last 30 years, I’ve witnessed a lot of happiness/joy and a lot of anger/frustration from the women who receive diamond engagement rings. This article focuses on the top ten complaints women currently have about their engagement rings. There used to be only one – “It’s not big enough! Size, size, size!” Overwhelmingly, size …

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A Healthy Diamond

Recently I ran across two enlightening articles in the New York Times: “When Gold isn?t Worth the Price”, and “A Seismic Shift in How People Eat.” The first article stressed the importance of corporations taking a responsible curator role in establishing the best practices for mining precious metals and gemstones. The second article related how …

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Pillow Tops

Cushions, Asschers, European, Old-miners, Rose cuts; all diamond cuts long gone like the era they flourished in. Gone like the flappers and the Roaring Twenties; gone like the Great Depression and the Zoot suits — or are they? Gadzooks, the Pillow Tops are back! Practically every jeweler from here to Kalamazoo has resurrected Pillow Tops …

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Harry Winston Engagement Rings vs. Tiffany & Co. Engagment Rings

I’m constantly asked to compare engagement rings from Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co. “Fred, is the Tiffany Embrace better than the micro pave Harry Winston? Is the classic Winston better than a classic Tiffany? Or is the double claw prong solitaire of the Winston better than a Butter Cup Tiffany solitaire?” The answer? Depends. …

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Color Grading

Color Grading Scale Checking your diamond’s report card. Diamonds come in virtually all colors of the rainbow, from the “beautiful violet” of the Hope diamond to shades of blue, brown, gray, orange, etc. But colored diamonds are very rare and precious. Chances are, all the diamonds you’ll see in your diamond shopping will be white …

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Stop Buying and Selling Blood Diamonds

The Kimberley Process and World Diamond Council are a sham. Severe human rights violations, including murder, rape and forced labor, have taken place in the diamond fields of Marange, Zimbabwe. Recent reports from Human Rights Watch (HRW) indicate that these horrific conditions continue to take place. Blood diamonds from Marange, Zimbabwe, have been issued Kimberley …

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