The Trilogy

Diamond Cutters International is honored to have been a part of designing and/or manufacturing the Super Bowl rings for the Denver Broncos. From their very first win in 1997 to their latest Super Bowl 50 World Championship, DCI has always been there for the Broncos. DCI was especially excited to produce the World’s Most Valuable …

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Spectral Signatures, Blockchains, and Immortality

In 1928, Sir C.V. Raman and his colleague K.S. Krishnan observed, using the smallest amount of filtered sunlight, that every material has its own distinct spectral signature. A spectral signature is how light’s frequency is altered after it comes in contact with a material. Our environment is altered by our presence and we are altered …

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Top Ten Complaints a Woman Has About Her Engagement Ring

Over the last 30 years, I’ve witnessed a lot of happiness/joy and a lot of anger/frustration from the women who receive diamond engagement rings. This article focuses on the top ten complaints women currently have about their engagement rings. There used to be only one – “It’s not big enough! Size, size, size!” Overwhelmingly, size …

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The Art of The Kiss

I stumbled across this blog yesterday and immediately felt that I must share it. Rarely can you feel the passion and emotions of the writer through their words. Candice Smith did a spectacular job in describing the ultimate kiss. Check this out!!!

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