Last Christmas the top brass at asked me to evaluate a few of their products: some of their hand-cut CZ’s; a celebrity diamond imitation (Elizabeth Taylor’s Krupp Diamond) and a non-Bodyjewels-created product that they inventory from another vendor (Signity Star).  On my own, I evaluated how the product was shipped, packaged and my first impressions.

Out of The Box

Emerald Cut in Plastic Case Radiant Cut in Plastic Case Unopened Celebrity Jewelry Box
Opened Celebrity Jewelry Box Loos Signity Star C.Z.'s in Case and Box Loos Signity Star C.Z. in Case and Box

After I took all the little goodies out of their shipping box, I was impressed that everything was very nicely packaged (especially the celebrity imitation—see photos 3 and 4). However, as I opened each ring box, in most cases the interior plastic stone holders had popped open in transit (see photo 5) and stones were strewn everywhere. This is a major concern. Allowed to free-float inside their box, the probability that the stones would scratch and chip each other skyrockets. (I’ve been assured since my evaluation that the problem has been eliminated with custom stone holders to assure no movement of the stone.)
The first item that I inspected closely was the Liz Taylor imitation. As you see in the photos, it came in a very nice purple leather box. It was held very securely during shipment and displayed magnificently when opened. (See photos below for close-ups.)

Top View Side View Angled View

The ring makes a powerful first impression! While the original Krupp Diamond weighed in at 33.19 cts., and this one weighs in at 8 cts., you’d need two hands to lift it if it had been any bigger! For $500.00 you get much more than you bargained for. My only criticism, and it’s very small, is that there was some small porosity on the undercarriage of the setting and the metal isn’t as heavy as I would expect with a real diamond. That said, I agree with the slightly lighter setting to keep an affordable price point. Bodyjewels says they are moving to a heavier shank with no change in price.
The in-house Bodyjewels products (emerald cut and radiant) were good performers. In some areas I found rolled facets, but for the most part the polish and sharpness of the faceting was excellent. For the money, I rate Bodyjewels a “best buy” in the competitive world of simulants.
The last five stones I evaluated were from the Signity Star collection (not  Bodyjewels products). The samples that I received had such an array of problems that it’s impossible to list them all. The major flaws include heavy scratches, abraided facet junctions and culets; and a clear disregard for proportioning. The Signity Star collection should only be purchased for fun or a gag gift. If you’re looking for a true imposter, pass on these machine-cut stones.
In closing, I was impressed with most of what I saw and would recommend any of the Bodyjewels manufactured pieces as long as they uphold the standards of the samples I examined.

by Fred Cuellar, author of the best-selling book “How to Buy a Diamond.” More questions? Ask the Diamond Guy®

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