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Bella Luce lifespan

I know Bella Luce is a simulant and sold on shop at home. But I’d like to know the lifespan of the stone. My grandmother gave me her 1st ring given toher by my grandfather, and by the time it reached me, the center stone was pure milky. I read once this is a condition that happens to a diamond simulant through time. Will this happen with my Bella Luce aswell? Has the compitition changed any in the creation of diamond simulants, such as bella luce. On the network, the ladies spoke if this stone being around for your daughters and their daughter to wear and still sparkle and be admired by. No disrespect to diamonds. I love and admire their fire and depth, as if they have a soul. But will I have bad luck with this Bella Luce Princess cut ring? Thank You so very much Sir.

Hi Kitty,

All simulants will eventually fog or get a “pure milky” look to them. This is due to their low rankings on the Moh’s hardness scale. Remember diamonds are the hardest natural substance in the world. Diamonds score a 10 or they are the most resistant to scratching. Most simulants are about a 7. Scratches equal fog.

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