Are You a Player?

1A.) Have you ever dated more than one woman at the same time?
A. Yes
B. No
1B.) If yes, did the women know or did you keep it under wraps?
A. Yes
B. No
2.) What is your favorite place to meet women?
A. Church
B. Through friends
C. Clubs at ladies night
3.) At the end of the evening would you rather end up at your date?s place or yours?
A. My Place
B. Her Place
4.) When dating a woman, which of the following phone numbers do you give her.
A. Home
B. Pager
C. Work
D. Cellular
5.) When on a regular date you try to spend little or no money?
A. $20 – $50
B. $51 – $100
C. It doesn?t matter
6.) Which statement best reflects you?
A. The truth is open to interpretation
B. A lie is a lie
7.) A player is:
A. Ladies man
B. Man?s man
C. None of the above
8.) Arrange in order of importance to you:
Your ride, your crib, your woman, your women
9.) I work out daily
A. Yes
B. No
10.) I enjoy wearing expensive clothes and suits.
A. Yes
B. No
11.) If forced to pick would you describe yourself as:
A. A lover
B. A fighter
C. Both
12.) When out with your friend do you:
A. Offer to pick up the tab
B. Offer to pick the tab but realize you don?t have your wallet
C. Don?t offer to pick up the tab
13.) Can a married man be a player?
A. Yes
B. No
14.) Once a player, always a player.
A. True
B. False
15.) Men weren?t born to be monogamous?
A. True
B. False
16.) Life is a game?
A. True
B. False
17.) Everyone has a soul mate out there?
A. True
B. False
18.) Marriage is for fools?
A. True
B. False
19.) When making a date, how much notice do you give?
A. Last minute
B. 1 to 3 days
C. 3 to 7 days
20.) Are you a morning person or night person?
Before we figure out if you?re a player, let?s make it clear what a player is and what it isn?t. First and foremost a player is a coward. A boy that never grows up and can never look past his selfish needs for self-gratification. A player believes that everything in this world was put here just for him, to be used up and tossed away like garbage. Players use women, many women, to try to fill a void in their hearts where a soul is supposed to go.
Are you a player? I hope not, but this guide to your responses should help you figure it out. Life is not a game and women are not pawns. Treat either this way and you?ll wake up one day to the sounds of silence and empty halls that lead you nowhere.
1.) Your teen years are for discovery, your 20?s are to spread your wings but if you?re still dating the whole cheerleading squad in your 30?s give yourself 10 points. (If at any point you lied to someone you dated about dating others, toss on an additional 5 points.)
2.) When a man goes to a place of worship to find a mate and places his trust in his close friends who know him best to find someone he?s not looking to play the field. Clubs are for notches in the bed post. If you?re a clubber, give yourself 10 points.
3.) Players like to score and run. That is more easily accomplished if the night ends at her place. A player knows it?s easier to leave than to get someone out of their house. Give yourself 5 points if you always find yourself at her place and another 5 points if you never spend the night.
4.) Players under no circumstances give out home or work phone numbers. They don?t like to be tracked down. Give yourself 10 points if your lady or ladies never at least get your home phone number.
5.) Take a dollar from a player and he?ll cry. Players only want to spend money on themselves. If most of your dates cost you less than $10.00, not only are you a cheapskate but you?ve gained another 10 points.
6.) To a player lying comes as natural as breathing. If truth is open to interpretation you?ll always be able to justify your deception. 10 points if you chose A.
7.) If you see being a player as anything but a user of people, give yourself 25 points.
8.) There isn?t a material item in the world that can replace the touch of a woman or a warm embrace. 10 points if a woman doesn?t list above anything material.
9.) Working out is good for you but give yourself 10 points if you catch yourself admiring your physique more than five times a day.
10.) Players like decorating themselves in the trappings of success mostly to hide from the world the scoundrels that lie beneath. 10 points if you dress to impress instead of dressing for success.
11.) Like I said before, players are cowards. 10 points if you didn?t choose B or C.
12.) Cheapskates don?t pick up the tab. 10 points for B or C.
13.) Trick question, a player can become married but a player will never act married. If you marked yes, give yourself 10 points. Only a player would be na?ve enough to think they can do what ever they want without having to change.
14.) Only cynical people believe that you can?t better yourself and are forced into a single role for a lifetime. Give yourself 10 points if you don?t believe people can change.
15.) Players are cheaters, 10 points if you chose ?true.?
16.) Life is a gift from God. To see it any other way would be to dishonor His glory. 10 points for the game players.
17.) If you can?t be open to love you?ll never recognize it when it comes knocking. You?ll know it surrounds you every day. To believe in soul mates is to believe in dreams. To not believe in dreams is not to live. 10 points if you?ve lost your faith in magic.
18.) A marriage is a promise. Promises bind and entwine two souls. Players don?t make promises they ever plan to keep that?s why they mock those that do. 10 points for the real fools.
19.) To be inconsiderate of others and only make plans on short notice are red flags to a player. Remember a player only loves himself and even that love is false. 10 points for A.
20.) Players play at night and night owls aren?t morning people. Give yourself another 10 points for coming home late.
It?s pretty simple. If you?ve scored 150 points or more I?m sorry for you. But as a player extraordinaire you don?t care anyway.
100 ? 149 points
You need help but it?s not too late. Try to go one month with out putting yourself first and maybe you?ll turn the corner.
Under 100
You?re a typical male no better, no worse. Show your test results to your significant other and get some brownie points. Congrats!
by Fred Cuellar the Diamond Guy?
The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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