Are Walmart diamonds really real? Q&AAre Walmart diamonds really real?

Are Walmart diamonds really real?



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Are Walmart diamonds really real?

I really do not know much about diamonds but I know the more you pay, the buyer should receive a better quality diamond. I have two questions. My 1st question is do you know if Walmart diamonds are real? Here is a description of what I have in layaway, a .75 ctw for $375. I want to say roughly between 7 to 10 nice well-rounded diamonds are placed in the center of the 14kt ring. I still have a couple of months to get it out. Before I pay it off, I would like to know, is that a good price? Just by the ct. and price alone, what type of quality do you think I will be getting? When comparing prices throughout the internet and trying to educate myself in the subject of diamonds, I can already tell just by the price alone, what I am paying is a fluke compared to others. I can tell I have a high chance of it being a poor grade. My 2nd question is, what is the difference between ct. and ctw.? I would greatly appreciate your expertise and feedback. Your answers will greatly influence me to either keep it or loose it before I pay it all off. Thanks.


Walmart does sell real diamonds. However, they typically sell commercial grade (the crummy stuff). From the information you’ve provided, it seems about right for a commercial grade in gold. Please understand that this type of item is a step above costume jewelry. There’s not a secondary market value for this. If you buy it, it’s for keeps. Ct is the abbreviation for carat. Ctw is for total carat weight.

-The Diamond Guy