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Diamond Cutters International: Committed to Love.

Company Overview

Diamond Cutters International (DCI) has been Committed to Love™ for over 34 years. 

What does that mean?

It means that we know the most important part of our lives is our relationships, our connection with others. It means we know jewelry is made for people we love, to remind them that they are loved. 

The DCI process goes from Rough to Reality. Because we are the ONLY diamond and colored stone cutting house in the southwest United States, we can purchase rough diamonds directly from mines and custom cut them to order. Forty-nine out of fifty diamonds don’t make our rigorous standards, but we still house one of the largest loose diamond inventories in the United States. 

As a Custom Jeweler In Houston, We know your special someone deserves the best – and we need to make it affordable, too.

A quick breakdown of our process: 

  1. WE LISTEN: We are experts about diamonds, but we are not experts about YOU – yet. No two stories are exactly alike. We understand you want something unique.
  2. WE INFORM: Our founder and CEO Fred Cuellar wrote the #1 selling book about diamonds, How to Buy a Diamond, and is recognized by National Jeweler Magazine as one of the world’s top diamond experts. 
  3. WE DESIGN: We don’t start creating your ring until we know what you want. We design and manufacture the setting to fit your diamond, not the other way around.
  4. WE GIVE YOU STRAIGHTFORWARD PRICING: We can beat anyone else’s price by at least 20%. Typical jewelers and big box stores markup between 100-300%. We make no more than 15%.
  5. WE GIVE YOU IRONCLAD GUARANTEES: A good diamond holds or appreciates in value over time. We stand by our diamonds. We are the only fully bonded jeweler in the state of Texas. Our diamonds have a lifetime buyback, lifetime exchange, and lifetime breakage policy.

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