9)Giving Ice on the Ice

I joined an online dating service. The first woman
I contacted was named Ava. A beautiful blonde, with an incredible
smile, and eyes that are spell-binding. Our first date, we met at
a quiet resturaunt in the Dallas area. Our conversation was magic.
She was amazing. She had grown up near the beach. She was an artist
as I was, a musician, as I was. We were a 99% match according to
our online profiles.

After a nice quiet dinner, we decided to go ice
skating at the Dallas Galleria. She had never been ice skating before,
so it took a little convincing, but we ended up on the ice nonetheless.

We both discontinued our online dating memberships
shortly afterwards.

6 months to the day later…

We repeated the same date in opposite order. I
took Ava to a movie, and then we went ice skating. But this time
something different happened.

Another skater on the ice accidentally bumped
into me and said, "Sorry man, I think you dropped this,"
and handed me a small jewelry box. At that time I skated Ava to
the side of the rink and dropped to a knee. Out from behind a nearby
pillar, my parents and her parents proceeded to walk out with cameras
flashing. I asked Ava to marry me in front of our parents and my
friend who Ava had only met once and did not recognize (the guy
who bumped into me to plant the ring).

Ava said, "Yes," as cheers and clapping
was heard from the ice, around the rink, and from the 3 tiers of
mall levels above.

What a magical moment!!! We did our victory lap
around the ice as congrats were given from fellow skaters. Of course,
we all went to dinner together afterwards.


Steve Page and Ava Carmichael

Engaged in Dallas, TX


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