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I have got a diamond stud earing, and i don’t know if it’s real or not, i have read the article in the Education section about how to tell if a diamond is real, and i think it is, of course my judgment is biased.
On the setting of my diamond stud it has .925p engraved in it. What does this mean? Does this mean it’s really a diamond?

Also, about the heat/fog test. It seems to me that if i take it out of the box directly and fog it, it will take 2 seconds to clear up, but if i handle it a bit its will clear up before i look at it. I think the winter temperture has some affects to this test. Is it a diamond?


Hi Jerry,

925 is the stamp for sterling silver. Diamonds are usually not set in silver, although some designers have begun to set diamonds in sterling. If the at home tests are inconclusive, visit a jewelry store with a thermal conductivity tester.

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