9) Puzzles

It all started as Michael and I were heading through the Tulsa airport, about to board a plane, when Michael tapped me on the shoulder and pointed behind me telling me that there was someone trying to get my attention. I turned around and to my surprise there was a limo driver holding out a sign with my name. Now completely shocked, I didn’t know what to think when Michael led me away from the ticket counter in his direction. Next thing I knew he handed me a card, a cd and gently put me in the limo. The door shut and with shaking hands I opened the card. Out fell puzzle pieces that as I put together appeared a note he wrote telling me that he loved me and how this was going to be a very special night. At that moment, I put in the cd. It had a special love song and a few of our favorite songs. Tears came to my eyes.

The limo drove through downtown and pulled up to the historic Ambassador Hotel. The manager met me at the car, handed me a room key. He escorted me to the most beautiful room. Around the room were a series of cards and clues. Michael had bought a beautiful outfit, complete with pearl earrings and necklace. Feeling like a princess, I went to the lobby to meet him.

The limo took us to a park with an amphitheatre along the river. Instead of stopping in the parking lot, the car actually drove into the park. As we stepped out, the sound of music filled the air. Michael had rigged surround-sound throughout the park. We walked towards the amphitheatre following a candle lit path. Climbing to the very top, I saw a white loveseat couch, table with roses and a television entertainment center. We sat down taking everything in and took a moment to pray together. Then Michael turned on the television. On came a video that he had made over a year earlier when I moved away. He spoke of how I inspired him and the many things he loved about me. I had never seen it before, and can hardly explain what it was like to watch it with him for the first time. He spoke so real from his heart~ it was the most honoring words I’ve ever heard spoken.

As the tape ended, he took me by the hand and led me down the stairs to the bank of the river. There were heat lamps and tiki torches set by a table for two. He had flown in our favorite meal from Los Angeles! It s Japanese Shabu-Shabu style (cooked raw meat and vegetables in pots of boiling water) he even bought all the plates, chopsticks and cooking utensils from the restaurant AND had the sauces shipped- twice- they spilled in the mail and had to be over-nighted. We had so many memories at that restaurant and to have it there at that moment was unbelievable!!

After dinner we drove to the other side of the river. Right before we got out, Michael leaned over and said in a deep, serious voice asked, "Are you ready for this moment?" All I could squeeze out was "yes." We walked across a huge, wooden bridge that crosses the river and went to the park bench where he first asked me to begin a relationship with him.

When we first started dating we had planted a small oak tree together. There by the bench was a large pot with a small tree shoot. Weeks earlier, Michael drove to the place where we had first planted it and dug it up so that we could plant it again in our new home.

Then he told me that he flew to my hometown and met with my parents to ask for their blessing. The next thing I knew he was on his knee and asked if I would marry him- for that moment all time stood still. We hugged and laughed and cried.

From there he told me, "The night is not over!" and we drove to the tallest building in the city. An elevator took us to the 46th floor and we walked out into a candle lit room. SURPRISE!! Out from the shadows came our friends and family! We all enjoyed dessert as I got to tell them the story of the most amazing night of my life.

Selah and Michael


Proposal Story By:

Selah Davis

VAlley Park, MO


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