8) 15 Minute Stages

My wife and I where best friends for three years, when she told me that she was leaving El paso and moving to Dallas, TX. I realize that I loved her. After six months of having a distance relationship I decide it to propose to her and this was my idea. I made a 15 min video divided on stages of my life and our friendship that had how I used to be with out here (everything will go wrong), the place where I meet her ( original clothes and everything), places that we used to go and things we used to do (but there I appear alone because she is not with me), places where I needed her at that moment, and at the end of the video the proposal on the El Paso Int airport, but when I was about to show her the ring the video cut off, because I say on the video that if she wants to merry me she has three hours to get at El Paso.

For that to occur I had ask her to be at her apartment at 3:00pm and something will happen, a friend of her put messages on the hole room saying that "I love you" "do not forget" and things like that. I send her friend a box with nine boxes one insede another, and the last one had the video I made(that is also on tape), and her friend had the tickets from Dallas to el Paso. Thats not all; she took the plane because she thaught that I was on el paso like the video said, but I flew to dallas so I could take the same plane and propose on the plane, for that I had to talk to the people of Southwest airlines and they help me out. I was on the plane before everyone and when she arrived they told me that she was there, she had no idea because I went in with the captain.

I could see her because I was at the back of the airplane, suddenly she got called by the captain saying that she could not take the airplane, she got scared and everybody was looking at her, when she gets up and walks thru the corridor to get out, I start speaking thru the speaker saying how desperate I love her and that I could not wait, she was surprised to hear my voice as well as all the passengers, I stand at the back of the airplane and show here the ring and propose in front of everybody, I go and give here the ring and everyone was claping. That was a real surprise because she expected me at El paso airport.

Proposal Story By:

Raul Saez

El Paso, TX


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