7) I'd Like To Buy A Vowel Pat

Steve and I had been dating for over 6 years.
We met in college, fell in love, and bought a home together. I
was ready to get married! Steve, however, wasn’t in such a hurry.
He wanted us to save money and be financially ready before we got
engaged and married. I would bring bring marriage up pretty often.
I even told him that we have been together so long he wouldn’t
be able to surprise me so he should just propose. No matter what
I said he wouldn’t budge. He said someday we will get married.

Well I should have known that when I least expected
it, it would happen. That is how Steve is. Last summer I was a
contestant on
Wheel of Fortune . After I finished filming my episode (and winning
almost $32,000) the producer asked the audience to please stay
a little longer because they were going to film some promos.
I was the second contestant called up. They put up a huge puzzle.
I started laughing thinking this was a joke. I was afraid it
take me forever to solve this puzzle.

They started lighting letters
up and eventually I buzzed in and read it: Steve says Margaret
will you marry me? I almost fell over. I started crying so
hard. Steve came out from behind the puzzle board, walked over
to where
I was standing behind the wheel, got down on one knee and proposed.
It was the most amazing moment of my life. I was so surprised!!!
Both our families were there and they ran on stage to hug and
congratulate us. They had no idea either. This was a surprise
for all of us.

The best part was that Wheel of Fortune even
agreed to this. I was the first contestant to ever be proposed
to on the show.
was incredible. I could not imagine a more imaginative, creative,
and romantic proposal. We have pictures and the video of
it and I cry everytime I look at them. Steve is the most amazing
on earth! I love him more than anything and can’t wait to spend
rest of my life with him. What I know for sure is that I
will have a life full of surprises! We are getting married this
Mexico on the beach. I can’t wait!

Proposal Story By:

Margaret Meron

Crystal Lake, IL


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