7) A Proposal Seven Years in The Making

My proposal started seven years ago when I met the love of my life, Jennifer. We met at work and went on our first date on Valentine’s Day in 1998, and I knew instantly that this was the woman that I would marry; it just took me a while to get up enough courage. I had been seriously thinking about asking Jennifer to marry me for about a year, looking at rings and finding the right words to say, but everything seemed to fall into place on November of 2004. I went ring shopping and found the perfect ring, now came the hard part, how to do it. I thought about doing it at Christmas, New Years Eve, or even Valentine’s Day, but the perfect opportunity came when Jim Brickman, Jennifer’s favorite pianist, came to Colorado Springs for a Christmas concert.

I contacted Jim’s tour manager through his website to work out all of the details. On December 2, 2004 Jennifer and I went for a romantic dinner and then to the concert, she suspected nothing because we had seen him in concert before. In the middle of the concert Anne Cochran, Jim Brickman’s accompanying vocalist, interrupted the show and said that someone had an important message. She called my name and I brought Jennifer up to the front of the stage; Jennifer thought I had won something, as Anne Cochran handed me the microphone.

In front of two thousand people, I proclaimed my love and asked if I could fall in love with her everyday for the rest of my life and if she would marry me. She said, "yes" and we were drowned out by applause. We returned to our seats and neither of us remembers what happened in the next thirty minutes or so, but luckily we have it on CD, Jim Brickman sent us a copy of the concert. I will never forget that night, and I don’t think Jennifer will either.


Proposal Story By:

Justin Heinlen

Colorado Springs, CO


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