6) Tickets to the Astros

Kareem and I had been together 5 years, and we had always talked about getting married. About 2 years ago, he took me to look at rings, and I picked out a lovely one, then sat back and waited. Nothing ever came. I stopped talking about it, but inside I was sure a proposal was never coming.

A year and a half went by, and one day he took me to my first Astros game. It was exciting! Kareem asked me later that night if I would ever want to go again and I said "Sure!" So about a month later, he told me he got tickets to an Astros game on September 1st. I eagerly accepted, loving the idea that I could once again cuddle next to him while he explained more about the game to me, the Crown Jewel of The Baseball Idiots.

We got settled in our seats that night, ate snacks and watched the action. In the 5th inning, the "kiss cam" came around, and we watched all the couples on the Jumbo-tron. All of a sudden, there was a camera man right in front of us! I kissed him, smiled for the crowd, then went about flagging down a Diet Coke! As I am waiving a 5 dollar bill in the air, Kareem nudges me and says, "Hey, look at that!" I looked up at the screen, and there were the words "Hey, Dyanne, Will You Marry Me?"

Now, normally I would have made a joke and said no, but my brain literally ceased to function. All I could do was stare at him and slap that 5 bucks across my wide open mouth in total surprise. (It’s true, we have a quite embarrasing shot of it on the DVD Minute Maid Park gave us). I eventually stuttered a yes, and he slipped the most lovely ring on my finger. I am sure a ton of people have become engaged this way, but none of those women were me, none of the men were him, and that makes it the most special, original proposal in the world to me. That night, I received my very first standing ovation by 20,000 Astros Fans! What a way to do it in style. My man not only made my night, but my life on September 1, 2005, Astros V Cardinals. AND, the Astros won it! We feel honored to have become engaged the same year Houston went to it’s first World Series. Alot of history was made that year! Go ‘Stros!!!


Proposal Story By:

Dyanne Edmondson 

Houston, TX

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