6) The Washington Monument Fairy Tale

Once upon a brainstorm (after two years and two months of dating) Zac V. devised the most wonderful plan he had yet devised in his 21 years of existence. He casually put his plan into action while his QUITE suspecting girlfriend TRIED (I repeat) TRIED to figure out what she secretly HOPED was soon to happen.

Zach called Bets up on the last Saturday in June and said "Hey, I’ve got a buddy in Washington who has invited us to come visit over the 4th. Do you think you could get off work?" "I can try" Bets calmly replied as she bubbled with delight inside. "This could be it!" She thought. "What a better time to ask than on the 4th of July!? We have talked about engagement enough! He knows it is my favorite holiday…he knows how wonderfully romantic this city can be for a two traveling patriots in love! Bethany then proceeded from that point forward to listen for any slight sign that Zach might possibly let slip from his tone, volume or pitch that could be her hope that the 4th would be the big day! She listened for the cues phone call after phone call, but nothing. She told him she was able to get off work and his response was "great." She tried asking him ""how the "PLANS" were going"" and he responded with a disappointing "No big rush…it will all get worked out." Bets began to wonder at this point, because (as all their good friends know) it is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE for Zach Vester to hide any sort of secret from her. He hasn’t gotten away with it -not even once before, so maybe…he wouldn’t ask her on the 4th after all.

One particular phone call dashed almost every bit of hope she had as the honest and true Zach brought up what he knew she was thinking about…"Now you know, Betsie, I don’t have the money for a ring yet, so nothing is going to "happen" on this trip." Bets waited for his voice to wiggle…she waited for that stuffy sound of the person on the other end trying to hold back laughter. Nothing. Bets tried not to sound too discouraged but honestly explained to him that he shouldn’t be surprised or feel like a jerk if she spontaneously cried at any given moment on the trip (especially during the fireworks or at the Lincoln Memorial).

They arrived safely near DC and stayed with some friends of Zach’s. Bets struggled throughout the entire afternoon and evening with Zach’s normalcy. She even called her mom and said "OK, now I am sure it really ISN’T going to happen…he just asked me to go get his keys from his suitcase, and there is NO WHERE else he would be hiding that thing! His pockets are even flat." (Little did she know there was a hidden sparkle in the trunk…in a box of junk…under a can of oil…wrapped in a hanky… in a grey velvet box. :))

The next morning (the 4th) Zach and Bets left early for the city. While on the metro Zach got the map out for the day and debated whether or not to hit the Lincoln monument (knowing it was Bet’s favorite site) first or last. He didn’t really seem sure of much that was going on that day which kind of frustrated Bets as he normally has everything planned out to a T. He decided right before they got off the metro that they would head for the Lincoln Monument first. When they got to the monument Zach left Bets staring at Lincoln all alone and went into the bookstore. Then when he came back out Bets wanted to get pictures and he blandly replied " naw, I have enough from my high school trip." "IS HE KIDDING?!?" Bets thought "WHY DID HE SPEND ALL THIS MONEY AND TIME TO GET ME OUT HERE IF HE ISN’T EVEN GOING TO TRY AND MAKE IT SPECIAL?!?! THIS ISN’T LIKE HIM!

Zach then asked Bets to walk over to the main entry way with him and look out at the Washington monument and WW2 memorial. Zach then said he wanted to get a picture with Bets right on the front steps overlooking the Washington Monument. "Oh SURE! NOW he wants to get some pictures!!" 🙂 Zach asked a Chinese man to take a picture of Bets and him on his digital camera. "It didn’t take" he said, "can you try it again?" (I later found out that it DID take, but there were people behind us and Zach wanted it to be a good shot of the monument behind us.) As the man raised the camera up to take the 2cnd shot, Zach got down on one knee and held up a little grey velvet box to Bet’s face and sweetly said, "Betsie? Will you marry me?" After about 30 seconds of shaking and being in complete shock and silence with her hands cupped over her mouth Zach said "well, you have to answer me!" Bets then replied, " YES!! Of COURSE!!" It was then that the tears came (and oh the tears came!) and the understanding that the ONLY way her fiance could have kept this amazing secret was to be completely "mean" about it. 🙂

There are two incredibly hilarious parts to this whole story…the 2cnd is that, well, not only was Bets in shock, but so was the Chinese man. He didn’t snap the picture until AFTER those 30 seconds were up (notice the first picture-instead of the shot with my hands cupped over by mouth it looks like I am praying to Zach, AND hiding the ring box at the same time :))

And the #1 most humorous part? The ring was hidden in the camera case, underneath the camera, underneath some folded tissues. What is so hilarious about that you ask?

Bets was carrying the camera case all morning. The End.


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