6) The Snapshot

My fiance’ is from New York and every year for Christmas he flies home to be with his family. Disappointed that we could not spend Christmas together, we were determined to spend the New Year together for the first time. So a few days after Christmas I flew to New York to join him. As my Christmas present when I arrived he gave me a beautiful coat, perfect for the New York weather. I loved the coat and decided I would wear it on our new years date.

He told me he had a full day planned for us in the city for new years. I was so excited. The day went perfectly… He took me on a mini-tour of the city, we had lunch and strolled through Hyde Park, watching people ice skate. It was the perfect date. Everywhere in the city, they were selling these amazing pictures of this beautiful Central Park bridge in each season. I insisted that he buy the pictures for me and told him that I wanted to find that bridge in Central Park. He suggested we take a ride in a carriage around the park. Snuggled up in the carriage we explored Central Park. He pointed out the bridge and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I asked him to take me to the bridge and he was excited to.

Little did I know, that was his plan all along. I can imagine him now, nervously fumbling with he ring in his pocket and I still get butterflies in my stomach. My fiance’ is a budding photographer, so of course the entire time he was snapping pictures of us left and right. So, it was no surprise that he would want to take a picture of us on the bridge. He asked another couple if they would mind taking a picture of us and they did. The beautiful bridge was full of people, but instantly cleared. We were sharing a beautiful moment alone on the bridge and he decided he would take one more photo before we left. Having no one to take the picture, he placed his camera on the ledge of the bridge. He put the camera on self-timer and ran back to me, as I stood posing.

I was ready for the picture when I heard him ask, "Will you marry me?" As I looked to my side I saw him standing there on one knee, ring in hand. The picture snapped capturing that exact moment when he asked me to spend the rest of his life with him. You can see how nervous he is and how happy I was. We now have that moment captured forever. After the proposal we rushed to Time Square to watch the ball drop and bring in a brand new year, as well as a brand new chapter of our life together.

Proposal Story by:

Angela Quebedeaux

San Marcos, TN


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