6) The Last Cigar Ring

The weekend after Jeff and I met (in June of 2002), we went to a local martini/cigar bar with a group of people to celebrate a friend’s birthday. At the bar that night he had a cigar and he gave me the paper cigar ring, which I placed on my left ring finger as a joke.

When on our first vacation together in North Carolina a few months later, he gave me another cigar ring and told me that some day he might have to get me a "real" one. So, it became our little custom for him to give me the paper ring each time he smoked a cigar. I kept them all.

In January of 2003 he asked me if I’d like to go to Atlanta for the "Big Smoke" cigar show put on by Cigar Afficianado magazine. I thought it’d be a lot of fun and said ‘sure’. So, he made our reservations and we drove down to Atlanta (from Cincinanti) in February.

We went to the cigar show and had an absolute blast there and touring the city of Atlanta. Also, we’d made plans to meet up with my brother Scott and his family for dinner on a Friday night while we were in town. (They were heading through on their way to Nashville.) So, with cigar samples in tow for my brother, we headed off to Cracker Barrel in Marietta, GA. Jeff had left my bag of goodies in the car and went to get it while we were waiting for our table.

Out of the bag, I fished out some cigars for my brother, and a couple other little gifty-type things. While doing that I noticed a cigar box wrapped in paper. I asked Jeff what it was and he said it was for me. As I was unwrapping it, he said that since I was getting in to cigars lately, he thought I should have my own box.

My sister-in-law Ann helped me cut the box’s seal with her trusty knife. When I opened the box, there was my ring placed on one of the cigars. Jeff then got on his knee, right there on the front porch of Cracker Barrel, and said, "The first ring I gave you was from a cigar. I hope you will keep this one for the rest of your life" (or something very close to that!) I was sooooo caught off-guard I could barely even see straight! My family and I were all in shock and crying. As I was taking all this in, they were calling us for our table and my nephew had to run in and tell them I was getting engaged and to please hold the table!

Oh, and by the way…I tearfully said yes! It’s THE BEST cigar ring I ever received!

Kae Beth Rosenberg,
Florence, KY

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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