6) The Landing Pad

My wife and I are both registered nurses. I was finishing nursing school when she was attempting to pass her state boards, obtaining her license. She had attempted twice to pass this test and finally did so on the third attempt. It was a huge ego blow for her as well as the checkbook and she had been extremely upset over the whole situation. Well, I work in an emergency department that has its own air medical flight program/service.

My dream has always been to fly for this service as a flight nurse. The helicopter parks on top of the hospital about nine stories up, directly above the emergency room. The scene of the large city surrounding the hospital is breathtakingly beautiful at night. Including all of the city lights, a light breeze and the quietness the elevation has to offer. I decided to take her to a nice dinner and then up to the pad, since she had never seen it before. All for a romantic view, celebrating her accomplishment, as well as my graduation from college and dream of becoming a flight nurse. She had no idea the event about to unfold. I had planned that night for the helicopter to have the inside light on, and her engagement ring on the cot wrapped with a bow inside.

Everything went as planned. The dinner was great, the timing couldn’t have been better(it was hit or miss, whether the helicopter would be on a flight, ruining the whole suprise). After arriving to the landing pad, and enjoying the moment, I asked if she would like to see the helicopter. I began to open the doors, and she replied, "oh, I don’t think you should be doing that, won’t they get upset if you mess with that"? About that time, she seen the bow wrapped box and said "theres a little box with a bow in here", and then just stood there.

I told her the present was for her and she replied "I don’t know, are you sure"? I nervously laughed and said "open it" She hesistatingly did so. I pulled the ring out of its box, got down on one knee and was about to propose, when a big gust of wing blew the box right out of her hand and across the flight pad. She looked at me, said "hold on" left me there on one knee, chased the box down, returned and said "o.k., I am ready" I replied "are you sure"? with I guess a look on my face, she said couldn’t be beat. Of course she said "YES". I found out later even after she seen the little present, the size of a ring box, she still had no idea and just thought it was a celebration gift. She was truly suprised and I was relieved.


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Aaron Hoard  

Indianapolis, IN

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