6) Spelling Marriage with a Bouquet?

Tara and I had been dating for over 5 and a half years. We both knew we wanted to get married, and it was important to me to make the proposal special. I decided to ask her on New Year’s Eve because I could plan a special night and Tara wouldn’t automatically assume I was going to propose. We were in Tulsa, OK where we both grew up for the holiday. I told Tara that I had made reservations for Six O’clock at a nice local resteraunt called Bravo. Several years before we had dinner before Prom at Bravo so we had some good memories there.

After we had arrived at the restaraunt, I told Tara that I actually had a little surprise for her before we ate dinner. Just after I told her about the surprise our Limo pulled up. We were going to look at Christmas lights in some of the nicer parts of Tulsa. I had taken the Limo provider a bottle of wine earlier in the day which our driver opened for us before we got going. Tara was excited about the surprise (she loves a fun surprise).

After the Limo dropped us off at the restaraunt we enjoyed a wonderful romantic dinner. At Bravo, the waitstaff also happen to be talented singers and performers, they sang lots of romantic broadway tunes and lovesongs which suited our evening perfectly.

After dessert, as Tara and I were driving back home, she was reminded of a time when we first started dating back in high school. She recalled the time when i first asked her to be my girlfriend, the time I told her that I was falling in love with her. She asked me if I remembered the park along riverside drive that I had pulled into that night. About that time we came to that very spot and I pulled in and told Tara to close her eyes. She was a little confused but as I opened her door and asked her to come with me she began to understand. There was a path lit by 24 candles each with a rose next to it that led down to a grassy spot with a panoramic view of the river. At the end of the candlelit path was a table with a bouquet of flowers, candles and some hot chocolate (it was a beautiful new years eve night, clear with no wind and about 45 degrees).

When we got to the table I asked Tara to sit in one of the chairs and I asked her to marry me. The bouquet, by the way, was made of of 7 different types of flowers. Over the past 6 months I had given tara a bouquet of each of the flowers. The first letter of each type spells out MARRY ME?. The big bouquet on the table had little tags hanging from each flower lettering out the proposal. I gave her Mums, Alstromeria, Roses, Roses, Yellow Flowers, Mums, and a bouquet of… you guessed it Eucalyptus. Of course over the last 6 months Tara had no idea of the significance of each bouquet of flowers, but I made sure that she had taken a picture of each one.

After we shared a magical 30 minutes and a cup of hot chocolate at the riverside park, I took Tara back to her house where her family (two very excited younger sisters included) and friends of ours were waiting to celebrate the exciting news with us. Tara liked that because she was anxious to show off her beautiful new 1 and a half carat diamond ring. It was the perfect night. We are planning to get married exactly one year from that night, New Years Eve 2003!

Isaac Kohlbacher,
Dallas, TX

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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