6) Not so Predictable

Jason is predictable and I told him several times that I would know when he was going to propose. I told him that I’d like to have a story. We have a great story of how we met and it would be neat to have a story of our proposal. But since he’s predictable I was basically expecting it at anytime and all the time- except this time. And I definitely wasn’t expecting to be proposed to by 10 year olds…

My fiance teaches music at an elementary school, and was having his 5th grade concert, in which he had asked if I would sing a solo as a transition from the band to the chorus. I agreed, thinking that that was a great idea to keep the audience entertained while students walked on and off stage to change the set. As the transition was happening, I wasn’t announced to sing. I kept complaining to one of his co-workers beside me that it was stupid for me to sing if it’s not during the transition. Parents didn’t come to hear me. I didn’t want to waste their time.

Jason shuffled past me and I said, "I’m not singing. I should be up there now!" And he said, "No, you just have to wait til the kids are on stage." I was confused, but he was busy and uptight so I told his co-worker beside me, "He seems nervous for his show. I shouldn’t bother him anymore and just do it."

As I was finished singing and walking off stage, the MC- a 5th grader- announced for me to stay on stage because she and the chorus had to ask me something. At that moment I knew exactly what was going on. On her count of 3 the entire chorus of 93 fifth graders screamed, "Ms. Loucks will you marry Mr. Shaw?" and he came from behind the curtain, got on one knee and proposed in front of hundreds of faculty, parents, and kids. I remember his mouth moving but not hearing any words. Partly because I was in shock and partly because the auditorium erupted with excitement and cheers. I just kept nodding my head so that he knew my answer.

It was an amazing surprise, even for the parents, whose kids were firmly instructed not to say anything to them- except to bring their video camera. As a result, many, many people captured our special moment, and have it for the rest of their lives, too!

After I sat down with my gorgeous, round solitaire on my finger I wondered if my parents knew. The co-worker beside me said that he drove the 4 hours it takes to get to my parents house, when he had a half day the week before, to ask their permission first. I turned to one of his best friends and said, "Did you know about this, too?" He informed me that, "EVERYONE knew."

In hindsight I should have sensed something. He was unusually nervous, almost all of the faculty attended the concert, and I overlooked the jewelry bag that the ring came in while I tore his bedroom apart looking for my video camera to tape his concert. After I called to tell him that I couldn’t find it he surprised me by saying that he already had it with him. That was really unusual- he actually remembered to take it?


Proposal Story By:

Leah Loucks

Pasadena, MD


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