6) My Husband

I think i was his first love, if not, i really don’t no., but i’m putting my money on I was.

I sat in the livingroom while watching a movie and all of a sudden he said," wait here",.

What I said?

He said wait here, I want to run us a bubble bath.

"OH, Okay," I said.

Then after a while maybe 4 or 5 min. of waiting, I’m like,"Hellooo!!! Trav, where are you, and what are you doing?"

He told me to just stay there, he would be right there.

Then a about 30 seconds later he says, "Karen come here for a minute."

I said, "why?" "Your missing all the good stuff in the movie."

He said, "I just want to show you something real quick, come here."

So, I start down the hallway then all of a sudden the lights go off, and I’m like, "hello Trav, did you happen to forget to pay the light bill, or is there a shot (burnt out) bulb?"

"No," he said, "just get on your hands and knees, and come straight."

Down I go, and along the way there he has put hershey kisses candies, about 6 candies then the was a card saying how beautiful I was. about 6 kisses later another card saying keep going till I reach the bathroom.

To the right candles are glowing in the bathroom while, after 6 kisses theres a card proped up by something.

I grab the card but right away I see a box comming from Zales, so I think, its a valentine day gift, so before reading the card I grad it expecting a necklace or something, but instead, I found a beautiful ring. Then after being overwhelmed by it I proceeded on to the rest of the kisses, that went down the bath step by the cabinet, there were a dozen roses with one white one in the middle, and several scratch off lotto tickets beside it and a letter. I read the letter, it said, "with every bunch there is always one that stands out, and that is you.(talking about white rose). "

I’m like this is "sooo sweet," all the while thinking its for Valentines Day.

Then I get into the bubble bath he ran, and then I noticed he left little tyke toys in there from my daughter.

He gets in the, so then I start throwing the toys out, then all of a sudden, He yells, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I’m like, "What?"

He gets out and grabs toys, and throws them back in the tub.

I’m like, "what are you doing that for," so I start to grab them to throw them out again, when I grab a rubber duckey with my engagement ring on it, and thats when he proposed.



Proposal Story By:

Karen Deleasky

Philips, WI

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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