6) Live, Laugh, Love!

My boyfriend Joseph and I meet in college.
I was focused on my studies but really found Joseph to be charming
and attractive. We forged a friendship through a mutual friend.
I was one quarter ahead of him in classes so when it came time
for me to graduate I invited him to my graduation party. He came
to my party and the next day we started seeing each other. One
of the first places we visited together was the Boardwalk out on
the Kemah Waterfront. We watched the evening sky with it’s big
cumulus clouds moving along like a parade.

Fast-forward to two years later . It’s our two
year dating anniversary and I receive a beautiful vase of flowers
on the job–pretty stargazer
lilies and purple irises with a note attached that says, "Live,
Laugh, Love! Happy Anniversary Love Joseph." About a half
hour later I receive a single red rose with a note attached that
says, "Meet me where we watched the cloud parade." After
work I drive out to Kemah and along the Boardwalk I’m walking to
our place and I see Joseph wearing a nice white outfit with a monogrammed
kerchief. He looks handsome. He asks me if I’m pleased with the
way the past two years have been. We talk some more and I comment
on how nice his kerchief is and asked if he had it made. He says
to me, "Just for this occassion," and pulls it from
his pocket to place on the ground where he then gets down on bended
knee and pulls a box from his pocket. He opens it and looks up
at me with that handsome face of his and says, "Stephanie, will
you be my wife?" to which I reply with a teary and ecstatic "Yes!Yes!Yes!".

Proposal Story By:

Stephanie McIntosh

Houston, Texas

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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