6) I Set My Eyes On Ruth

My stint with bachelorhood was unpleasantly protracted. This was definitely not unconnected to my stoical resolve to settle for a breath-taking lady whose mores and attributes were inches near impeccability.

On the fateful day I set my eyes on Ruth, I knew
my search for a wife was going to be aborted indefinitely. It was
love at first sight. We struck the right chord and made friends
with each other easily.

I never minced words from our first meeting
about how I felt about her and what my plans were, but all my advances
met a "brick wall."

I delved into her family background and was able to come out with discoveries
that were adopted in mapping out my "assault" strategies. In the
startling discoveries, it became apparent why love from men was
anything but propitious to her. Her Dad absconded when her Mom
was pregnant while tow of her sisters had divorced and the other
two, unhappily married.
It was apparent that only an extraordinary action would be powerful enough
to torpedo obstructions that hitherto prevented her from tying
the nuptial knot with me and I was poised for the "big show."

was 10:00 a.m. on a Friday that I received a call from one of the
Secret Agents I attached to Ruth, informing me of a head-on collision
Ruth was involved in with a Mini-bus and was being rushed to the
Precisely two days after we met, I contracted Secret Agents and tasked them
with the opus of watching and securing Ruth without her knowledge.
These Men were reporting to me daily on her whereabouts and the
things she did. The news of the accident sent cold shivers down
my spine but there was no time for hesitation. I left my office
in a hurry but in no such hurry as to forget the little treasure
I had bought with my "lifetime" savings in a "creme de la creme"
jewelry shop in Paris.
The Hospital was a 10-minutes drive from my office but the characteristic hold-ups
on the main route made the journey a 1-hour one. But fortunately,
the road was devoid of any hold-up on the momentous day.

I got
to the Hospital 10 minutes before she was brought in. She looked
unconscious when she was stretched in but a thin smile that erupted
on her face when she spotted me doused my fear. The accident was
a fatal one and she was in a near-death situation. I wasn’t opportune
to see her until the next morning when her condition had improved.
When I was allowed in, I felt perspiration forming throughout my body; I knew
the final moment had come. There was no going back; no I couldn’t
afford to blow this.
I briskly walked in. There I was, with my wife-to-be, bandaged up, stitches
all over the body, it was a pathetic sight. I checked my pocket
for the golden ring; how could it not be there?

I couldn’t have
lost it; it was my life. I reached for the ring; Ruth was now
watching me with the keenest interest I’ve ever seen. "Ruth, I
know this
is the weirdest place to do this and under most unsavory circumstances
too, but the point I want to make here leaves me with no choice
but to go right ahead. "Please marry me."
Torrents of tears were flowing down my cheeks now. She was equally crying.
It was an incredible scenario. Did I know her leg was going to
be amputated in a matter of hours?
She said in tears, "Muyiwa, do you want to marry a cripple?"
I retorted back, "Ruth, you aren’t going to be a cripple and even if you
become one, my position on you can not be compromised." "Oh heavens,
I would be your bride. This is the height of love, I can’t possibly
ask for more."

The Doctor’s presence put on hold the august
occasion but I felt ecstatic and fulfilled after accomplishing
my lofty mission. Miraculously,
responded extremely well to treatment after the proposal and
her leg didn’t have to be amputated after all.
After two weeks of blissful and romantic escapades, we got married in a
grand style.

Our honeymoon at the Panama Island was glorious
and one
that could not be forgotten in a hurry.

Proposal Story By:

Muyiwa Ige

Ile-Ife, AL

Country: NG

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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