6) Gift for the Teacher

At about the end of my second lesson to my fifth grade class, just approaching the end of class, the principal walked in with a bouquet of balloons. I was surprised when she said they were for me. When I asked if someone personally delivered them or if they came through a business, she said the name of the company that brought them, and suggested we could call them and inquire what the person looked like who had sent them.

The class by this time was really curious who my secret admirer was, and asked me if I knew who they were from. Then, another lady from the front office brought in a big box of a dozen gorgeous red and white roses. I was elated! The lady asked me, "Wow, is it your birthday?" (That was a good one!) The card was Damon’s handwriting, and I thought he was just being cute or maybe an early reply to the Preference dance. The class was pretty near wild. It was then, that I told them that I was pretty sure it was from my boyfriend. They were astonished, "You have a boyfriend?!"

But then, the principal came in again and introduced Damon: "Boys and girls, I understand that you are working on a Healthy Lifestyles Unit, and so today I’d like you to welcome a special guest speaker." Damon with his two roommates Alan and Mike (holding cameras), came in. He was so tall compared to anyone else in the room. But, he looked so cute in his nice shirt and tie. What an impression he made on those boys. And, those girls were all giggling! Then, he read me the poem he wrote for me.

He got down on one knee, opened up the ring box and held it out to me. The boys shouted, "He’s going to propose!" And, the girls all turned red. The massive crowd in the hall that had formed of teachers were all grinning ear to ear that they were in on it . . .and some were even crying. I of course said yes and the kids all yelled yuck when he kissed me. It was so fun! The kids all rushed up to see the ring and to shake Damon’s hand. Then, they gave me permission to go home with him. So, as we were trying to go, the kids kept stopping us to have us sign autographs. They phrased it, "Release Forms." We laughed for a long time at the reactions of the kids and teachers! What a blast. Those kids will never forget that day and neither will I!

Sybrina Stewart,
Provo, UT


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