6) Finally!

My fiance, Royce, and I had been together for
seven years and were living together inHoustonat the time, right

out of college. We are both originally from New Orleans and
while in town for a friend’s wedding, Royce proposed that we take
a carriage
ride through New Orleans then walk around the French Quarter while
we were there for the wedding. Both native New Orleanians,
neither have us had ever done the "tourist thing".
At this point in our relationship, I was ready for marriage
and everytime
we did something romantic or took a trip together, I thought, "this
could be it", I would get my hopes up just to get crushed,
so when he said a "carriage ride", I thought, here
we go again Kellie. We embarked on our carriage ride throught
the historic
French Quarter, which was great; I would recommend it to any local
as well as tourists. All the while thinking to myself, "he’s
going to do it"…. The trip ended in front of the St.
Louis Cathedral and as I stepped off of the carriage, yet
again, I felt
crushed! I did not say a word and thought to myself, "just
enjoy the rest of the day". He suggested we go to the Cathedral
to light a candle. As we approached the Cathedral, there stood
group of around 20 people looking like they were practicing for
a ceremony (not uncommon for that spot). Taken off guard, I thought

we were in their way and proceeded to walk around them; I was not
paying attention to their faces. When Royce told me to take another

look at the group. Stunned, the group was there for me….20 of
our closest friends and family were looking at me with excitement

and seven of them proceeded to hand me roses, representing each
year Royce and I had been together. As they handed the roses
me, they each told me about an event in our relationship that had
happened during each of those years. In tears throughout the
thing, I could see Royce at the end of the line with a big smile
on his face…Inside I was thinking, "YES, YES, this is
He handed me the last rose and on his knee he said to me "soulmates
are put in our paths to teach and inspire us and I have done that

for him for seven years, and asked, would I continue to do that
for the rest of our lives as his wife?" He then placed the
antique- designed princess-cut diamond ring on my finger (thanks

DCI). That was the happiest day of my life. Finally, the man of
my dreams will soon be my husband. I Love You Royce!

Kellie Mannina

Houston, TX


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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