6) Double Proposal

Our 1 year anniversary was approaching and I wanted
to do something incredibly special. I wanted to be the one to take
Matthew out on our special day. We agreed and I planned accordingly.
The days before were hectic. I wanted everything to look and turn
out just perfect. It was exciting and nerve-wrecking. Morning comes
on June 9th and I made plans to pick him up at the train station
(our normal routine since he lives a state away in NY) after I finish
running around making preparations.

My beautiful sweetheart arrrives… I blind fold
him and bring him to a beautiful lake in his favorite park. I slowly
take away the blindfold as tears came to his eyes. I had prepared
a picnic by the lake, with candles, his favorite meal, flowers,
cake and champagne as our song played in the background. As we embrace
and slow dance, rain begins to pour on us. We were overwhelmed with
tears, rain and kisses – it could not have been more perfect. I
sat him down, fed him fruit with whipped cream, crackers with cheese
and champagne. Next came the cake that I so specially made for him.
I decorated the cake with the same scenery we were experiencing
at that moment – a picnic blanket, a basket with fruit and cheese
and a champagne bottle. He could not believe his eyes.

Now came time for me to hand him his flowers –
I did so one by one. Every flower, different in beauty, stood for
each month that we had been together. Each had a story and sweet
meaning behind it. I proceeded to blind fold my sweetheart again.
We took a sweet long drive. I surprised him with a visit to Atlantic
City, a place where he always dreamed of going but never had the
opportunity. We took a stroll on the beach and soon I take him under
the pier. I previously placed a message in a bottle between two
huge rocks and splashing waves. He soon discovers the bottle and
excitedly pulls out a scroll that appeared to be extremely old.
He had no idea that it was really from me until he arrives at the
end of the poem.

"Grant me the privilege of being your wife
– marry me, Matthew." As I reach for his hand to put the ring
on his finger, he proceeds to pull out a tiny white box! You can
imagine how we felt when on this truly amazing day when Matthew
and I both planned on proposing to one another – at the very same

Magaly Flores

Trenton, NJ


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