6) Disney World

My siblings and I surpised my mother for her 50th b-day with a family trip to disney world. My fiance said he wouldn’t be able to get off work since he just started this new job. So my mother, grandmother, older sister, older sisters boyfriend, younger sister, and younger brother arrived in Florida on a Friday night.

Then Saturday, Nov. 4, 2006, we went to Universal studios. We were walking out of the Twister attraction and there was Phantom of the opera stopping families to take pictures. One of the security guards asked my younger sister and I if we wanted to stop and take a picure with the phantom, and we said no and kept walking becasue there were these group of tumblers performing in the streets and we wanted to see them. But then my older sisted insisted on taking a picture with the phantom, becasue she claimed that we hadn’t taken a family picture yet. So she finally got my whole family to agree and take a picture with him.

After the picture the phantom of the opera was flirting with my mom and sisters and I and then he pinched my cheek and I thought he was a creep, so I said to my family "Come on, lets go to anther show" and turned around. My older sister than grabbed my attention and said that the phantom liked us and he wants to hang out with us and I turn around to see the phantom down on one knee. (Now…let me back track to our last family vacation to florida and a toy story soldier character got down on one knee and faked proposed to my older sister) So obviously my family thought it was this big joke and everyone was kind of laughing.

Then he pulled out this ring, but still it didn’t click for me, and even my grandma said, "Steph thats a nice ring you should take it" becasue she thought it was a joke too! But then I looked down and noticed his gym shoes and immediately started balling. My mom then asked "Steph why are you crying" and right at that point my fiance, Dino, pulled off his mask and my family started screaming and crying and then there was a whole crowd of people that surrounded us becasue of the commotion, and at that point he asked me to marry him, it was great!! Of course I said "Yes." Later, I had asked how he pulled it off and he had told me how he almost got arrested by the security guards, because he was signing autographs for kids and he wasn’t supposed too, since he wasn’t an employee of the park. So that is why the security guards were escorting him to find my family and I.


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