6) Dig

I took Friday off from work to make a lot of headway landscaping the front yard of our 1926 bungalow. After Leighann returned from a meeting at noon, we started planting. She wanted to start first with the juniper bush on right, next to the drive way. She began digging the hole (based on the landscape plans we had drawn up) just in the right spot.

After about a foot down in the dirt she struck something. It wasn’t the usual rock or tree branch. At first she thought it was the sewer pipe or the remains of old beloved pet. But upon closer inspection she discovered that it was an old, rusty metal box with twine string wrapped around it! We extracted the box and huddled around it in our driveway with wonderment. We clipped the twine and, with anticipation, opened it.

The box was full! She found an old post card from 1910. An old photo of a formally dressed family in 1923. There were also some odds and ins like a wood block, a marble, a key and an old, small empty liquor bottle. At the bottom of the box she found a tattered envelope folded in half, which had our house address written in ink! Her intrigue already soaring, Leighann opened the envelope. Inside were two things: a worn out yellowed piece of paper, folded in thirds and a second, smaller envelope, sealed.

To her shock, the small, sealed envelop had, amazingly, her name clearly printed on the outside in ink!

How can that be?? She then realized, as I unfolded the old yellowed piece of paper, that she had been tricked and something was

going on. She pulled open the small envelope with her name on it to discover a shiny, filigree diamond ring just as I read what was written on the piece of paper:

"Will you marry me?"

So there in our suburban drive way, dirty from landscaping and sweaty from digging, I proposed to Leighann after finding buried treasure. She said yes and cried. It was the perfect surprise.



Proposal Story By:

Mark Timby

Portland, OR


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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