6) Dessert at a Friend's House

My fiancé and I met at a Christian sports camp in Branson, MO and
then dated long distance until the next summer. We were leaving for our
day off, where we get to leave for 24 hours, from 8 to 8am.

After dropping our bags off at Chris’ parents’ house, Chris suggested we go
horse back riding, like we had done on our second date. I was so excited
and it was an unbelievably sunny day, a nice change from the rainy week
it had been.

After about an hour, they had me close my eyes and led my
horse for a few minutes. When I opened them, there was a surprise picnic
set up in the clearing of the trees along the beautiful river. There was
everything… flowers, table cloth, lunch and a cake that said "I love you."
At the end, HE thanked ME for letting him do something special for me
(not that he doesn’t always) and with that we rode back to the ranch. I
honestly thought that was the end of the day because everyone was so
nonchalant, but little did I know it was just the beginning.

Chris had told me we were meeting friends of his for dinner, but as we
drove to the restaurant, he stopped by an airstrip and informed me that
we were not. Instead, we had to fly to the restaurant. Needless to say I
was shocked as we climbed in the four-man plane he’d had chartered, and
off we went to a resort on the White River in Arkansas. We landed about
50 yards from the door of the restaurant and enjoyed a wonderful dinner
overlooking the river. At the end, Chris casually told me we had to head
back before it got dark and off we went. He didn’t seem nervous at all
and we had such a great time visited and laughing and enjoying each
other’s company.

When we got back, we drove to "get dessert" at a friend’s house, but
after he led me out of the car with my eyes closed, I opened them to
discover we were in the chapel of our camp. It is already beautiful as it is
in the woods and full of stained glass windows, but he had decorated the
alter with 20 yellow roses, 6 additional vases of flowers, and candles in
front of the cross.

That is when my tears began. He sat me down on the steps and read from
John 13 in the Bible when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. He then pulled
out a bowl and began to watch my feet as a symbol of how he wanted to
serve me and love me with Christ-like love. He then got on his knee,
opened up the most amazing ring ever, and said that he loves me and
wants to spend the rest of our lives together.

After a quick yes and more crying and hugging, he gave me a pearl necklace made out
of his grandmother’s pearls that every woman in his family had. It was a
gift from his mom and aunt to welcome me into the family. Then he read
me a letter that my parents wrote me which talked about their love for
Chris and how he was an answer to prayer. His parents wrote me a letter
about the loyalty of family and how excited they were to have me as a
part of theirs. Then he wrote me a letter that quoted Proverbs 31:11
which says, “her husband has full confidence in her,” and then he told me
that is how he knew I was the one…he has full confidence in me! I just sat
speechless as the tears rolled down my cheeks. As if that was not
enough, he got out his guitar and played and sang a song that he had
written for me. I thought I was going to lose it completely.

After all this, we moved the flowers out to the car and headed home.
His parents were waiting anxiously in the garage and after many hugs, I
ran into the bedroom to call my parents, only to find that Chris had flown
my family up from Texas to help us celebrate. It was the most perfect
day I could’ve imagined and what is even more exciting is that we get to
spend the rest of our lives together!!!

Sarah Phillips,
Colleyville, TX

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