6) Changing Diapers

My boyfriend , Roger, and i were asked to babysit his nephew "Laney" , age 13 months, while his parents went out on a much needed " date". I agreed to help with the babysitting duties, minus changing the diaper. My explaination to my then boyfriend, was, "you are related to him, so you change the diaper." So we agreed.

Then the enevitable happened, sweet little "Laney" had a diaper full of baby poop. My boyfriend- Roger, asked me, "would you change the diaper," I replied "no" that was not our deal. You are related to the baby, not me.

He replied, "if you were related to the baby would you change his diaper?" I said, "even if I was remotely related to this baby, I would change his diaper."

He said, "I know the answer to this problem." He went to the bedroom, stayed a few minutes and came out with a big smile on his face. He said, "I was saving this for just the right moment and the moment is now."

He turned on some soft music, lite a candle, and dropped to one knee. I thought "WOW, this is odd." I thought we were suppose to be babysitting. He said, "you know I love you and we could if you wanted to, have our own babies."

"This baby is nice, but it is now ours, so
would you marry me ???"

I gasped, paused, looked in to his moist eyes and said, "yes." I also said, "can we wait a while to have our own babies?" He said, "OK,

but now you have to change that dirty diaper, because you are now remotely almost related to this baby."

I changed that diaper, and now he is changing others.


Proposal Story By:

RC Terrel

League City,


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