6) Center Stage

I sat next to my boyfriend Andy in the first row of the main theatre of Colorado University at Boulder,

On stage, the story of a couple who met on-line began to unfold. Everything from their hair coloring and costume choices seemed to mirror the two people I knew best; myself and Andy. It was like looking in the mirror. The pink sweat pants I wore, manufactured by Juicy, and the the black “metro-sexual” shirt I bought Andy on our first shopping spree looked ever so familiar on the two main actors. The scene of our first apartment with it’s unpacked boxes and Andy’s boyhood basketball stuffed away into the hall closet, along with the voicing of my pet name for Andy of “Smoochy” began to make me question just what I was actually experiencing sitting there with a theatre full of an obviously appreciative audience.

As the show was coming to an end, after a honeymoon in Paris and the birth of a baby girl and a promise from the husband to the wife to always take care of their child, Andy whispered into my ear and slipped away to the restroom to take the insulin he always carried with him because of his Diabetes.

Just 5 minutes later, a curtain which had hung behind the two actors throughout the play opened. Only one of the actors, the girl, remained on stage. Within seconds, out came Andy to take the place of the boyfriend we had watched all evening. He turned to look me straight in the eye, and held his hand out , beckoning for me to join him on the main stage. Hardly believing what I thought was happening, I none the less ran up the stairs leading to the center of the stage where he stood. He got down on one knee, in front of everyone and spoke the words I had been wanting to hear for the last few years…”Jade, you are the love of my life, would you marry me?”

To the roar of the audience and the delight of my best friend Carolyn, who had worked for a year behind my back with Andy to produce and direct this engagement show, I literally ran up the stairs to accept a diamond ring from my future husband, Andy.

Never in my life did I think someone would go to all this trouble, and all this “sneakiness” to create an engagement that topped all engagements in my eyes!

We got married a week ago in Laguna, California.


Proposal story by:

Jade Mountain

Lafayette, CO


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