6) Asked Via An Ipod

My name is Carla MacNeil and I live in Toronto. I recently asked my boyfriend to marry me via an iPod. As we tell people our engagement story, they comment on how unique the story is so here I am, telling you how aniPod got the man I love to agree to marry me.

Darren and I have always joked that I would be the one to propose. During the summer of 2004, after being together for three and a half years, I started to feel it was time to pop the question. The challenge was – how? I’m not a fan of the traditional, in my mind, cheesy settings (romantic dinner at the nice restaurant) or the grand public gestures (jumbo screen at the baseball game). But Darren always thought something more than popping the question on a sunny day, sitting on the dock at his cottage would be in order.

Darren is a graphic designer – and a die hard Apple fan. He has wanted an iPod since they became available but because of their price, getting him one was always outside of our agreed upon birthday or Christmas budgets.

One day it came to me – I would buy him an iPod as an engagement gift. Then the idea morphed. I thought "surely I can figure out how to record myself asking him to marry me and download it onto the iPod."

Well, after months of procrastination and nerves, I did it. In November 2004 I bought the 60 gig iPhoto. I knew a video production team and asked if I could use a simple microphone on their computer to do my recording. They loved the idea so much that they arranged for free time in a professional recording studio. I was slightly embarrassed to have the technician listening, but it was worth it.

I thought I could do the recording without getting emotional, but I was wrong. I cried like a baby all throughout the proposal. I did a second ‘take’ and was much better, but the technician insisted the first one was much more sincere.

I took my CD home and one day in late December, when Darren was at a hockey tournament, I knew I had a good 4-5 hours to get the message onto the iPod. I downloaded the software, got the message onto his iTunes and then managed to transfer just the message onto the iPod (without his hundreds of other files!). Everything was tidied up and put away before he got home. Now all I was waiting for the right moment…

On Friday, February 4, 2005 I flew home from a business trip to California. While I was away I decided it was time. That Friday evening, after a romantic dinner I told Darren I had a gift for him. I took the iPod out of the box, put it in a simple gift bag and gave it to him while we were having wine on the couch.

At first he thought I had bought him the iPod in the US – he also said it was too much. I insisted he listen to the ‘song’ I had downloaded for him – at which point he put on the earphones and I pressed play.

He said yes, obviously, or you wouldn’t be getting this email. And one thing I didn’t think of is that he’ll have my proposal (sniffling and all) forever. The next day I was talking to Darren and I could tell he wasn’t paying attention. I said ‘you aren’t listening to me’ – and he said ‘yes, I am’ – I hadn’t seen he had the earphones on. I can’t say how many times he has listened to it since then.


Proposal Story By:

Carla MacNeil

Toronto, OH , Canada


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