6) Active Duty

My then fiance proposed to me during a very crazy time in our lives. It was March 1991 and I was called to Active Duty in the Air Force. I was in the Air Force Reserves for 7 years at the time and this was my first call to active duty and it was for the first Gulf War. Operation Desert Shield had turned into Operation Desert Storm. We were all holding our breaths just waiting for the call.

My boyfriend was civil service working for NASA and I worked as a bartender in my civilian life and as a Med Evac. Tech. in the Air Force Reserves as a Flight Instructor. I was deployed January 17, 1991 and we both knew that we might never see each other again. Fortunately for me, I flew med-evac flights on the big planes C-141 Starlifter back and forth taking the wounded and sick back and forth from Saudi Arabia to the United States and on the smaller planes all over Europe, so I was able to see him once in a couple of months or so. I went home on leave in March and while I was home for 5 days, we went for a walk on the beach the night before I was going back.

I was so surprised when he he got down on one knee in the moonlight and said that he wanted to marry me and would wait as long as he had to for me to come back off of active duty, as long as I would agree to marry him. He said that the war made him realize how much he missed and loved me and that he never wanted to be away from me again. I was so choked up and in tears, but managed to say yes and he slipped the ring on my finger. I came off active duty and back to the States in July and we were married the following year in October of 1992.

Proposal Story By:

Kimberly Kelly-Sydow

Newport, VA



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